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  1. oh yeah. i love the duramax. my pops has the 05. but its getting rediculous how many restrictions there are out here. and that diesel particulate filter is stupid. wastes diesel, and no more coal rollin. im trying to get my dad to put a little lift on it and some bigger tires. it looks disproportional right now lol.
  2. the bodj

    First Truck

    i got mine for free, but from my cousin but if you look on craigslist you can find a decent one for around that price. mine i could get maybe 3-4 grand. but it has 220000 miles. just rebuilt with maybe 700 on rebuild.
  3. the bodj

    First Truck

    toyota pickup. i want to go from this with mine to this but keeping the blue, with black soft 8s
  4. the bodj

    3 bikes in a ford ranger

    3 can fit in my 2wd yota. put the 2 outside ones with the front tires touching in the middle, then slide the backs all the way to the outside. they will be leaning but they wont fall. then there is room fro the 3rd to put its front tire against the other 2. and there is still room for gearbags. just hook the straps around the brake lever and footpegs.
  5. but the newer diesels have too many regulations. out here anyways.
  6. beautifullll! did you change the stack? in the first post it looked like it turned toward the back of the truck. anyways, i love your stack but dual, or straight out the hood. i hate it when people think its stupid. keep the black smoke rolling
  7. ohhh how i love stacks and black smoke!!!! i loveeeeeee diesels. throw some tires with meat on there though. i <3 cummins duramax, and the 7.3 and 6.9 fords.
  8. the bodj

    Post Your Rides

    put in the 6 spd. no body kit, 18s, then a slight lower. they look nasty when lifted up
  9. its not ment to be a trail rig. duh its a freakin longbox. with would get hung up on everything anyways.
  10. the exhaust does suck. put on a stack straight out of the hood, or 2 fat ones in the bed. i love the lift. lifted trucks are where its at. i pretty much love all trucks. from my 95 2wd yota to this one. i love gas and diesel, lowered and lifted, street and prerunner. and i can garuntee this truck moves.
  11. the bodj

    Chevy 350 Exhaust

    put a video clip on youtube. and the 350 means it is 350 cubic inches. not horsepower.
  12. the bodj

    my yota build

    oh yeah for sure. i could have kept going with just a new head gasket, but we figured we would just rebuild it all. just did the first oilchange on it today since the rebuild.
  13. should have gotten a pickup. the pretaco that is. like the 1995 and below pickup. they are bulletproof. mines the 2wd. tiny, yet still holds up to my dirtbike
  14. the bodj

    my yota build

    i love my yoder. ive got a 95 2wd pup. my pops and i just rebuilt the 22re. awesome motors. i just have to fix the exhaust leak. its messing with my o2 sensor so its overfueling it. youve got a nice carb so you dont have to worry about all the electronics. heres pics of my build. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=108936&id=593516500&l=c634715b49
  15. the bodj

    Bird Man 440ft jump attempt

    thats what the guy commented. i told him if it stopped spinning the front end would drop, like brake-tapping. also, you can clearly hear him give it a little in the air. it didnt die the guy has no idea what he is talking about.