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    White Brother R-4

    Can you change out inserts on this pipe? or is it worth any count. I can't find out anything about it. I guess thats saying enuff, huh?

    fuel screw o-ring question

    so what stlye is the FCR39? I mean would any Keihin carb fuel screw o-ring fit? or do you mean one from any flat slide style carb? I guess I could just order the correct one, but I was wanting to ride this weekend

    fuel screw o-ring question

    I lost mine and suzuki does not have one in stock. Is this a peice that I can get at any motorcycle shop in their Keihin carb parts bin? Wouldn't I just need one about the same size O.D. as that small washer it sits up against and fit snug on the screw? TIA

    Please! I need some help

    if motorcycle carbs are any thing like automobile carbs, if you can run the fuel scrcew all the way in and the engine still runs, that usaully means vacuum leak. I must have lost the oring that goes on the fuel screw. I can't find it anywhere

    Please! I need some help

    Thanks guys. Doesn't look too bad

    Please! I need some help

    Does anyone have a assembly drawing of this carb? I don't know what I'm getting myself into. Its kinda hard to believe that being as clean as the bowl and the jets were that there would be gum somewhere else in there. I've rebuilt plenty of Holleys but never a motorcylce carb. I'm not sure how elaborate they are

    Please! I need some help

    My '02 E has sat up about a year and half. I bought the bike brand new and has always ran great. The only mods are the snorkle removed, 162 main, 48 pilot, 65 air (stock) and clip moved one notch on the needle (IIRC it was 1 notch up) and a Kouba screw. Like I said the bike ran very good when I put it up, but now has a very bad bog off idle. Doesn't matter where the air screw is turned to. I noticed it makes no difference whether its turned all the way in (seated) or as far as I can turn the screw out before it hits the starter. Runs the same. A few people here recommended that I pull the carb apart and clean the jets due to old gas gumming them up. Well last night I pulled the bottom of the carb off and took out all of the jets. All of them looked virtually brand new, all of the passages where clear and there was nothing unusual in the bottom of the bowl. I haven't put the carb back together yet, so does anyone have any ideas before I do? TIA

    Steering bearings

    Maybe just a good grease packin will do the trick? The nocthiness isn't that bad and doesn't do it all the time either I guess I won't know until I look at 'em

    Steering bearings

    My steering is a little notchy and I was wondering what kind of bearings suzuki uses? are they tapered bearings that have to be pressed on or do they just use the seperate little ball bearings? I waited to long to grease Also, if I have to replace (which I assume I will) how long should this take?

    Cleaning Carb out on E

    My DRZ has sat for a few months with no kind of stabilizer, and now it has a bad off idle bog. Am I gonna have to pull the entire carb off to clean or can I just take the bottom off and clean the main jet and pilot, etc?

    I need some death wings...Nor Cal

    Anybody else with any Trail wings? I need some too

    kenda k270

    will these sizes work for the k270? 5.10/18 3.25/21 thanks

    I need some death wings...Nor Cal

    Hey Guys, I need a set too. Just to mount so the DMV will plate my E. Thats the only other thing I need. I tried to sneak one past 'em but it didn't work

    DR650 instrument cluster

    I have a picture of a speedo/tach that my DR650 had on it (before I sold the bike). I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find one. I was gonna post a picture of it to where you could see what I was talkin about, but it says I am not allowed to post attachments. Edit: BTW, to keep it DRZ400 related, I was gonna try to mount it on my bike if I could find one. TIA

    low vs. high octane gas & effects

    The reason I asked is b/c its easy to get around here. Theres a chain of gas stations around here called Pumpers and they sell 110. It says its leaded and not to pump it into daily drivers (only gas cans), but people do it anyway. Kinda pricy though Its funny, all the Mustangs run around town swearing their car runs 2 seconds quicker with this stuff wrong!!!!!