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  1. TheGuy77

    Do most have theft insurance on the DRZ?

    I use StateFarm. Full coverage on my street legal 2003 WR450. Comp/Collision. $20 bucks per month
  2. TheGuy77

    street legal wr450??

    I was able to get mine through Nevada DMV with little trouble. Purchased Baja Designs kit, added full coverage insurance, went to local dealership (Honda/Kawaski) and had the bike inspected. They completed the paperwork and I was on my way. The hard part was convincing the guy behind the counter at DMV to understand how I was able to convert a "not street legal" unit to street legal. It took him several trips to his supervior to complete the deal. My bike now has "specialy constructed" on the title. My home owners assoc. may not love me anymore. In consideration of my neighbors, I am purchasing a quiet exhaust to replace the FMF full system.
  3. TheGuy77

    Diconnected TPS...good results WR450

    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  4. Just got back from a quick ride around my neighborhood. My 2003 WR was surging while traveling at consistant speed (55-60mph). With the TPS disconnected, the surging was almost non existant. Before disconnecting, I was unable to ride at a steady pace without the bike cutting out. Power was excellent as long as I was steadily adding more throttle. I do wonder if having the TPS disconnected, the ECM may get incorrect info and not adjust the timeing correctly? Any thoughts? Long term effects? I also am wondering if I should adjust the TPS and possibly get the same results.
  5. Did it work out? I have the same issue
  6. Interesting Topic...I was once accused of riding my bike up and down the street with a 2 year old on the handle bars. I don't have any kids! The cop insisted that I would be arrested if it happened again. I invited him inside my home to see that I don't have kids. His response was "whatever, don't do it again." He saw my bike in the open garage and made an assumption.
  7. Don't burn that bridge. Every service department has a bad day. I do think the Service Manager should have taken better care of the situation. I would talk to the owner. Thank him for his help. He does need to know what happened.