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  1. Bill_B

    YPL 2-23 or 2-24

    Yes stage on the top side if you can. You can text me and I will send info if you need it. What's your name?
  2. Bill_B

    YPL 2-23 or 2-24

    Cool look forward to riding with you again!
  3. Bill_B

    YPL 2-23 or 2-24

    Everyone is riding You talking Sat or Sun?
  4. Bill_B

    YPL 2-23 or 2-24

    I'm on an 08 EXCR 530 so I feel I your pain, I've picked my bike up riding with these guys more times than I would like to remember. Text me for location if you don't know it. 951-966-9658
  5. Bill_B

    YPL 2-23 or 2-24

    Ya Sunday, like Matt said 9:00 you in?
  6. I have a 70oz camelbak/pack that I added an insulated stainless steel water bottle to. So I have water and sports drink, so i have 2 drink tubes. Its a bit heavy with 2 loads of liquid but worth if for me as I like having gator aid to drink as well as water on a full days ride.
  7. Bill_B

    california YPL 2-23 or 2-24

    Who wants to ride YPL this weekend? Sat or Sun is good for me, whos in?
  8. Bill_B

    Anyone want to ride on Monday?

    Hey Matt, guy canceled so I will be there by 9 text me if you can so I have your #. See other post for my cell.
  9. Bill_B

    Anyone want to ride on Monday?

    Hey if any of you guys want to ride you can text me tomorrow. 951-966-9658 will be in Hesperia area.
  10. Bill_B

    Anyone want to ride on Monday?

    Ok cool, I had made a plan with another guy to ride there and he's coming from Carlsbad not sure when he will be there. I can let you know, How about you give me your cell # and I will let you know when?
  11. Anyone off and want to ride Monday?
  12. The LHRB is one of my all-time top bike add-ons I have the Smokn one. What I do not like is all the problems I've had with it, bleeding it and keeping the air out of the system is a BITCH! and a 1/2, over time it becomes spongy and looses its braking power. I have put a lot of time, effort, and money trying to get it working better and changed pistons/kit on both ends of the brake system I also put a new rear master cylinder on my bike and it still is not right. I have spent so much time on trying to get this thing working consistently, many times I have been tempted to just take it off, but I don't because I really do like it. I've even considered changing all the brake lines but I have never seen any indication of leaking from any of the fittings? SO go figure. I've contacted Allen at Smokin several times, he's very helpful so that's a big plus. Last time I rode the bike it had already seemed like it was not as strong as it was the last time I worked on it.
  13. No 450R get the 250R
  14. I'm 54 LOVE riding, like most of us here it's my passion. Sometimes I think there is something wrong with me. ALL I think about is riding. I ride MX, trail, and enduro. I wish I could ride 3 days a week IF I could I would probably still do some racing. I got my 1st bike at 32, rode my first MX track at 41, have not looked back yet! When I was a kid the thing I wanted most was a dirtbike, but unfortunately, I had a dad who was totally against motorcycles. I had a lot of friends who had bikes, I was so envious. The one time I got a chance to ride a friends bike that sealed my fate I never forgot that day, it was the most fun I ever had and that was a street bike but I took it out in the desert. I did lots of extream sports before they were extream. Skiing, BMX, surfing, skateboarding, BUT dirt bikes be da most fun! Period! Its always been what I wanted to do, so I am livin the dream baby, even if my father is rolling in his grave over it. RIP dad!
  15. Bill_B

    YPL Saturday 1-19

    It was a good ride. This was only my 2nd time climbing hills like that, I think I did better than I did in Barstow riding with these boys over a year ago. It was impressive to watch the boys ride those hills, looking forward to next round with these guys.