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  1. yamaman1

    2014 YZ 250F Electrical problems.

    I cleaned mine but it can be very tricky to do without breaking the fuel pump. Make sure you have a pick set and pry the tabs evenly. I need 2-3 to do it. Or you can always buy a new fuel pump assembly if you want to spend the $$
  2. yamaman1

    2014 YZ 250F Electrical problems.

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1177743-2014-YZ250F-Hard-to-Start-and-Dies Sounds very similar to what I went through. Same bike same year. Once I cleaned the fuel filter it has been fine since. Do yourself a favor and get a twin air fuel sock as an extra measure that you're getting clean gas.
  3. yamaman1

    Real World Top End Maintenance

    I did mine at around 105hrs. Half of that is trails, hillclimbs, moto etc and the other racing. Piston was dirty but otherwise perfect. I noticed I had been burning some oil between changes and haven't since putting the 16 piston kit so the rings must have been shot. And I only adjusted the valves once and it was during the top end.
  4. yamaman1

    Does a 2016 Crank assembly fit in 2014?

    I got everything out back together last week and the 2016 crank and new counterbalance weights are working well! I only have about 15 mins of run time around the neighborhood and idling. I'm riding Friday so I can report back more then.
  5. 14 YZ250F has a cushion spring in the clutch pack but newer YZs don't. Do I even need it and what would happen if I left it out?
  6. yamaman1

    Does a 2016 Crank assembly fit in 2014?

    Just found this so I may pull the trigger on the 16 crank
  7. yamaman1

    Does a 2016 Crank assembly fit in 2014?

    So along with the crank I would need to replace the new balance weights correct?
  8. yamaman1

    Does a 2016 Crank assembly fit in 2014?

    Does anyone know? I've searched and googled it without luck and I need to get these parts ordered so I can get back to riding. Thanks
  9. I have my cases split at the moment and want do replace the crank while it's open (122hrs). I have the 16' piston and oil sprayer so I'm wondering if the new 16 crank will fit as well.
  10. The shaft bearing behind clutch basket blew up and thank god for the magnetic drain plug catching all the fragments. I'm going to replace a few bearings in the cases as well as the crank. Anyone know if a 16' crank fits in a 14'?
  11. Ok I will check to see if any are broken but the whole clutch pack is brand new. Only has 1.5hrs on it. The only part I reused was the cushion spring, the part that goes 4th in (Friction,steel,friction, cushion)
  12. I was at the track today and rode for 1.5hrs without an issue. I just replaced the clutch plates and springs the day before and everything felt great. After landing from a jump the bike felt very strange and I heard a grinding noise so I pulled off and shut the bike down. Checked the chain sprockets and fired it back up. In neutral there is no noise but there is chattering/pulsing on the clutch lever and if it's pulled in there's a grinding noise. I opened the clutch cover thinking the pressure plate came loose but it was tight and the plates look fine. I will investigate further when I have some time but is there something I should be looking for specifically?
  13. I have the same bike and I'm similar in size, 145lbs, 5'7", 29" Inseam. I race Novice Moto and Int Desert. I have a GYTR low seat and my forks are slid up 1/2". I could be wrong but my suspension guy strongly advised me to stay away from lowering links and I took his advice. After getting my suspension done my bike felt much better as I needed lighter springs too. For moto the stock seat is fine but in harder technical desert the low seat is perfect. I don't feel like I need to lower the bike any further. 49t on the rear with a 2.15 is what I prefer, but I also use the stock 1.85 with a 47t for faster desert. I only run IRC M5B or Dunlop MX32 on the rear for Southern California riding.
  14. yamaman1

    16 YZ250f piston fit in 15 FX

    I currently have more than 20 hrs of practice and racing on my 14 YZ250F with the 16 piston and oil sprayer. I can't see why it would be any different for your bike.
  15. yamaman1

    2014 YZ250F Hard to Start and Dies

    Haha, I know I couldn't believe that when I got It out. That's Costco 91 mixed 50/50 with F&L SP-5