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  1. cwyliejacobs

    Sick Video

    metalmulisha189 Man, if that's your video, do a full length DVD and I will buy one for sure. That was a very well done production, the video was great and the music was perfect. I like the mix of riders like the Hahns and local riders, I'm serious, if you make a 60 minute DVD, I'll buy one.
  2. cwyliejacobs

    What Will Win A TT-R125 or a Drz/Klx125?

    Whichever one I'm riding.
  3. I saw a picture sequence of Bubba riding through a deep rut, he was standing on one side of his bike, in other words, he had swung his right leg over to the left side of his bike so that both legs were on the left side and he was FLYING through the rutted section. Amazing.
  4. cwyliejacobs

    Glenn Helen 125's on OLN Today. WHAT TIME???

    Johnny O, I'm pretty sure it's also airing again on Saturday, so don't do anything drastic if your recorder messes up
  5. Oh wait, I read that wrong. Sorry. My mistake.
  6. Hehe, well then I guess we need to get a few more hockey players racing mx ... it will be like
  7. cwyliejacobs

    LOUD 4-Strokes and whiners

    I bought a WR250F stock silencer for my YZ250F (for trail riding), it makes a BIG difference in weight and power. Having it on is like riding a two stroke, narrow power-band and I have to "keep it on the pipe" or the power drops to nil. Still, it is quiet and the spark arrestor seems like a responsible item Sometimes I feel like my FMF Powercore4 is so freakin loud, it actually gives me a headache. Or, maybe that's just my riding
  8. Alessi was being a jerk even though he could have won the championship (I think) if he did well enough and Ivan did poorly enough. Still no excuse for that behavior. As far as Walker, I pay to see these guys race, not fight. We could have had all of Pro-Circuit and KTM in the brawl too, but who wants to watch a bunch of mx guys fight like b*tches? And did I see that video right, was Alessi throwing dirt around? &%$#@!... Man, I just watched the vid again, I can't believe Alessi sunk so low...
  9. cwyliejacobs

    des nations on TV?

    fman, I would guess it's not a money issue as much as watching it on a PC - it's just not as comfortable to sit in front of a pc to watch "tv" as it would be in the family room.
  10. cwyliejacobs

    Is Bubba Delusional?

    Carmichael DID win the title on a two stroke when his best (maybe only) competitor was on a four stroke. I love Bubba and think he has already brought more excitement to Motocross than anyone including Carmichael, but he just doesn't have that "something" that Carmichael does have - True Grit, because Bubba is too used to winning. But anyone who doesn't think James will eventually dominate Motocross is dreaming, once he can ride a 250/450 the way he rode a 125, he will be the best on the planet. BTW - After seeing how someone as talented as James fared this year, and how Ricky beats someone as talented as Windham consistently, you HAVE to admire Ricky as one of the best examples of what sports are all about - hard work first and talent second. Ricky has HEAPS of both. I admire Ricky more than any other sports figure I know. I'm in awe of Rossi and to some extent, was in awe of Bubba on a 125, but I want my kids to learn from the example set by Ricky.
  11. cwyliejacobs

    Bubba to Honda??

    You gotta love Honda, but what factory looses Rossi AND Carmichael when they had right of first refusal on both? If they kept Hayden on Superbike and had Rossi in MotoGP, Carmichael in Motocross, Honda would DOMINATE the three major motorcycle racing sports.
  12. cwyliejacobs

    best loading ramp?

    http://www.readyramp.com/ This is a bed extender and ramp in one, I have one and really like it. I don't know why all ramps aren't built like this.
  13. cwyliejacobs

    knee braces

    Knee braces.
  14. cwyliejacobs

    Which Thumper are you buying in 2006?

    Since I race a "run what ya brung" division, I'm getting a jet powered bike. It's gonna sound sweet!
  15. cwyliejacobs

    Riding, no more, for now...details...

    Good luck Therapture, I certainly can sympathize. It seems the people who get hurt the worst are the ones who are actually pretty good, good enough to get themselves into trouble. I am not that good yet, in fact at the track today, I wouldn't do any of the doubles or whoops which kind of sucks considering how much easier it is to ride the track without rolling the obstacles. The doubles aren't even that big, but I just wasn't feeling it today, so I rolled em. Your kids are adorable!