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  1. definitely the pro circuit platinum series pipe and short race silencer. i had one and that pipe made i come alive
  2. does the emissions block off kit for the 2006 450x just let the bike lose 2 pounds of weight? or does it also give the bike a power gain??
  3. i think there may be something wrong with kevin's confidence, it seems like his mind isn't in the right place while riding. he looked sloppy and unconfortable in A2. i know he's capable of a lot a better riding. i think it must be hard to worry about a family and concentrate on such a difficult time consuming sport.
  4. does anybody know who makes a 2006 450x white plastics kit???? please help!
  5. my girlfriend has a 2006 honda crf250x and i was wondering if the radiator shrouds, the plastics on the gas tank, were the same as the crf250R. i want to buy graphics that fit the crf250r to put on the crf250x.
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