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  1. Super Dude

    TheBlackSheep & CRS400s at Gorman!

    If gorman's some of your guys fav spot to ride, then you need to get out more. Gormans cool and all, i ride there at least 2-4 times a month. usally take the new riders and wife and kids there cuz its easy. next time you guys go hit me up! I heard the forest out of gorman id going to open up soon! now thats riding!
  2. why not the 14' look up^^^^^^^^^^^
  3. Super Dude

    Small V8s

    the 4.6 is a great motor along with the 4.8. can't go wrong with either!
  4. Super Dude

    Chaining down bikes

    I put the bikes in the toy hauler. Tie down to the pegs with motorcycle tie downs and in gear. Been doing it for years and no problems. I have kicked,pushed, slammed the bikes and no issues.
  5. Super Dude

    First photoshop

    I don't see the ktm part? putting a black frame and forks don't make a hybrid. now add a ktm seat and plastics to the yammy then you have a hybird!
  6. Super Dude

    bikes gone bad video!!

    hmmmm. go to bikesgonebad.com and look at the music credits........ Ez as that!!!
  7. Super Dude

    Where's all the Stunta's at

    hows this! Habib stunta's LOL http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=171498&fr=vz-video
  8. Super Dude

    How many bike have you owned?

    hold on. let me take off my shoes. ARGH still not enuff.
  9. Super Dude

    hey everyone!!

    Sup! welcome yz450f here
  10. Super Dude


    Mxvet over there at ktmtalk?
  11. Super Dude


    Anyone have any feed back on this guy at TrailTricks. He does suspensions. revalves and stuff. Thanks SD
  12. Super Dude

    xc 450 or xc 450-w

    Where are you finding the xcw. I looked at the ktm site and it only shows a xc-g racing model. Which I'm thinking about picking up!
  13. Super Dude

    CA Green sticker

    No need for one I guess.
  14. 04 yz450. had since new. no problems yet. lots of hrs.