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  1. Jaymanbikes

    Aftermarket wheels for 07 WR450

    Ahh, Rim, OK now your talking my language....
  2. Jaymanbikes

    Aftermarket wheels for 07 WR450

    What do you mean by a band (Wheel)
  3. Jaymanbikes

    Aftermarket wheels for 07 WR450

    Looking to install some aftermarket wheels on my 07 WR. I would like to utilize the existing speedo-computer but the front hub has some drive lugs on it. Does anyone have any suggestions on wheels. Thanks
  4. Jaymanbikes

    Troubleshoot electrical problem on WR450

    Never mind, I figured it out, two of the plugs under the number plate were swapped. duh...
  5. I have a 2007 WR450 that I just installed an AIS removal kit on. No problem with the kit but somewhere along the way I must have compromised the wiring. Everytime I hit the starter button it pops the fuse. Ive checked every connection and looked for scuffed wires but nothing. Any suggestions please fire away!
  6. Jaymanbikes

    White Plastics for 02 YZ250

    Does anyone know where I can get a complete white plastics set-up for my 02 YZ250? Anybody out there that has done this that could post a pic would be awesome. Thanks
  7. My 2002, http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o206/Jaymanbikes/CIMG0926.jpg
  8. Jaymanbikes

    YZ250f for trails

    Do some or you guys/gals use their YZ250f for trails? Ive been looking for a used WR250 but have yet to find one that suits me. There are however an abundance of YZ's out there and I wonder how they would do on the trails. I also plan to do some mello track riding but mostly trails. Ive been warned that these bikes need to stay on the pipe and thus would stall alot. Any comments on this would be appreaciated. Also any suggested mods that would make these bikes more trail friendly would also be appreciated.
  9. I love MTB but once you go to Moab it makes riding at home boring.
  10. Jaymanbikes

    CR230F for a 185# newbie

    Im debating between getting a CRF250x or the CRF230, I havent had a dirt bike in years and will be doing trails and some mello track. The 230 is appealing because of cost, also Im 5'8" and its much shorter as you all know. Im worried however that I might be selling myself short and basically be bored of it after a couple months. Any comments would be appreciated.
  11. Im looking for my first off road bike, well its been many years anyway. I am 185 pounds and Im 5'8" tall. I plan on doing mainly trails but may occasionaly like to do some mello track riding. Would like to purchase something used due to budget constraints. Im looking at the following WR250F, CRF250X, also the 230's from Yamaha and Honda. Ive pretty much ruled out KTM due to costs and limited parts in my area. Ive heard that the 230's probably wont give me the power I will need w/my weight and all, any comments. Also if you guys/gals could recommend what years in the above mentioned models to stay away from. It seems like Honda has alot of valve problems? Thank you!