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  1. Honda sucks dead d¤¤¤s ! It´s too bad they let Max go since the little German is a good,consistent rider and far safer card than Mr. K9 who´s Max´s replacement. Honda has a good change to get somewhere in 2013 GPMX. I´ve always liked Nagl. A nice,quiet guy.
  2. Did he ever use it ? Didn´t do him much good regardless.
  3. VilleKTM

    Euro spec KTM's in USA

    The US spec shock is 4mm shorter. There´s NO difference in spring rates US vs Euro. The fork spring length with spacers is 3mm shorter on US spec bikes. There´s some valving differences between US/Euro models.
  4. VilleKTM

    Rim advice

    Sir- i bow for your wisdom in this matter. We have the same take on "warranty" matters as well. My -11 stock Excels were made out of play dough -from the "bad batch" -and went out of true while i was "breaking my bike in" (checked the re-jetted carb for settings is a better word) on a straight gravel road. True story. Removed the wheels and went back to my dealer who gave me another set from another new 450 SXF - 11 which i bolted on and went to the track. After the first easy outing (15-20 min) i checked the spoke tens. in regular fashion and found them overly loose F+R. Went for the second outing and after 10 min. semi-hard riding i saw how the front wheel wobbled like it was doing eights. Went into pits and found 4 rear + 3 front spokes missing. Got pissed and changed to my black Haan wheels and finished the day without incidents. Left those wheels at my dealer and said that i don´t want no other stock wheels but a set with "old" black rims laced on-which i got. Mind you-this was back in late June/early July 2011 so this soft rim business wasn´t a commonly known thing yet so the dealer sent both of those wheel sets to KTM and got an answer that they indeed had a big problem with sub- par rims from a bad batch. The rest is well known history...
  5. I´ve often wondered over that mysterious phenomena myself...
  6. So you went thru with it ?? Let me know how it turns out for you.
  7. The last one was offered in 2008. You proved my point too - SXS bikes were a bargain compared to if one bought those parts separately. My 2005 540 SXS (the 525 " SXS" was a 540 SXS since there were no SXS with std. 510 cc) had the short stroke 532cc engine (not the same as the HP kit bigger jug + piston) with anti-hopping clutch, optional 6-speed GB,bigger rads, SXS brakes and SXS wheels (those rounded edge rims) . CC forks (appeared first in 2007 prod. bikes = equals CC vs CV today),SXS shock,SXS clamps .compl. Akra,two-piece clutch cover (black outer cover),re-inforced frame, adjustable pegs,SXS seat etc. + all the HP bling offered back then. This for a FRACTION of cost- if i was to buy all this separately- in a KTM build package- from the same line full-blown works bikes started their life on. What´s so different if one could get an SXS today with CV/Traxx suspension, i mean price wise ? I can´t expect the same price dif today?? Why´s that ????
  8. I disagree! It was far,far cheaper to buy a complete,factory build SXS bike (with warranty) than build it ,part by part , with HP parts. Huuuge difference! The cataloque doesn´t offer the re-inforced frames nor does it offer many of the parts found on those SXS´s since they often had i.ex engine parts meant to next or the year after that production bikes. SXS bikes were a really good choice for those who race - a bit pricey for weekend warriors (although many had one since they could) but a real bargain if one took a look at what one got for the money. You basically paid for the SXS suspension and for half the Akra and got everything else for free. A real bargain. Then again an SXS bike isn´t something KTM "needs" to build but it was truly nice when one had the option on getting one.
  9. I agree. It´s best to lay this at rest. Now - the number of the holes on Swiss cheese depends if it´s an regular,special or an Alpine edition...
  10. They did that untill 2008. Those were the SXS-bikes. Today an 450 SXSF would have CV forks,Traxx shock and next years prod./SXS parts inside the engine together with that orange frame,Compl. Akra exhaust and all the bling thru Hard Parts. My 2005 540 SXS had that damned "anti-hopping clutch" too,which i quickly removed...Together with those adjustable foot pegs which i broke on a hard landing...
  11. No. I dont but it seems like you do . Once more : I said ,and try to get this now : (double check the OP where i first said this)There haven´t been any HP bling bolted on a regular,stock SX,EXC,XCF whatever models. Sixdays,Dungey,Cairoli,Roczen, Musquin etc. aren´t regular but "special" editions = stock bikes with bling-bling and fancy decals. KTM doesn´t offer any SXS (semi factory) bikes to the masses any longer. A Dungey replica isn´t an ,what you said ,"factory race bike"-nor an SXS- but an early release -13 modell for reasons you just mentioned. You have never had an opportunity to buy an SXS bike in US even when those were made and sold to the general public up untill 2008. Those bikes were semi-factory bikes with SXS suspension- not slapped on Cone Valve decals but "real" SXS-suspension- and engine parts etc. already bolted on. To call the Dungey replica for a factory race bike is just ridiculous. Since we now are on the subject of factory race bikes i can add this; There are no real "Works" or "Factory" bikes in the AMA circus anyway due the production rule with all the restrictions.
  12. Why not just get new 1-1/8 original mounts??
  13. Virtually all of us? Why all the questions then ?? I thought the forum was for people to share info & knowledge between each other. At least our dealer site doesn´t have the TT logo on the top.
  14. You´re right. Definitely. I thought you meant the HP cataloque bling and the orange frame ...
  15. Who knows. I´ll dig up that article so you can see it yourself. I can only go by things i heard from sources i trust , from internal articles i read or by dealer meetings info.