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  1. Red_Snapper

    piston and cylinder foto, what should i do?

    Unless you've been sanding the bore, the horizontal lines in the cylinder are indicative of a Macgruber hone job, probably by the PO to sell it. Your cylinder is most likely out of spec for the piston and rings.
  2. Red_Snapper

    Canyonlands - Major Wash Outs!!!

    Holy smokes! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Red_Snapper

    Another (?) break in at Capt. Jacks

    This may be closer to the truth than we'd like to think. I swear we're gonna end up with a designated shooter covering the parking lot, kind of like designated drivers when drinking.
  4. Red_Snapper

    Pumper carb

  5. From personal experience, I've got to post a warning about carrying bundles of tools in a backpack/fannypack situation. I used to carry a small roll of basic tools, about 3 1/2" in diameter in a backpack. This was wrenches, drivers, spares and such. I took a moderate toss onto my back, and that roll of tools put a nice imprint in my spine which is still with me today, years later (fractured vertebra). I highly recommend getting your tools out of your pack and onto the bike, or at least being cognizant of where they are in the pack, and what's between you and them.
  6. You'll see this phenomenon on just about every kind of trail. I actually backpacked, bicycled and 4-wheeled more miles this year than I moto'd (just worked out that way with family and friends) and the go-arounds are just a fact of life. Obviously, it would be best to stick to the plan. Many will choose a little cheat than go through 2' of mud or some menacing man-modified obstacle. I just putt though the cheats, when deemed necessary, and nothing is the worse for wear. What you see as a horrible transgression might have been an obvious choice 2 weeks earlier.
  7. Red_Snapper

    2003 Xr250r

    I highly recommend playing with one of these before undergoing serious seal replacement. Worked wonders for me on my '02. I literally went from seeping to sealed. http://www.motionpro.com/motorcycle/partno/08-0395/
  8. Red_Snapper

    Moab white rim trail tickets

    It's "bad enough" because the speed limit is painfully slow and if you manage to offend any bicyclists (who now think the road belongs to them) with noise-dust-speed-attitude, the rangers will be sure to contact you. We found the speed limit could be stretched, but know from others' experiences that they really don't go for displays of speed, acceleration, wheelies, MX technique, etc. Stay on the road, keep the speed down, try to be civil to the sniveling bicyclists, and you'll be fine. It's worth it. It should be noted that most of it could be driven in a Cadillac, but it is punctuated by a few sections of middling pucker factor. Have fun!
  9. Red_Snapper

    Moab white rim trail tickets

    I want to encourage you not to attempt poaching the rim without plates. It will be nothing but trouble. It will not only be a problem for your party, it will reflect badly on the motorcycle community in general. They will stop you, they will ticket you, and probably ask you to leave the park. It's bad enough when you do it lawfully. The speed limit is low and they don't respond well to MX antics. They shoot radar, and they have radio contact with rangers on the top and at both ends of the road. I don't agree with brady-yzf, the rim was more easy going 15-30 years ago, but not now. They would like nothing better than to close it to motorcycles, even though the park was started as a 4x4, hiking, and rafting paradise.
  10. Red_Snapper

    Camping and fireworks in Wyoming?

    I don't think fireworks are legal on any public lands in the arid west. Between the fire hazard and the litter it's not an idea whose time has come. Might as well get arrested at home.
  11. Red_Snapper

    Case Saver for 2003 XR250R - stock or aftermarket?

    If you find an aftermarket case saver that fits the 96-04 XR250 let us know, the XR400 unit is not the same. Pro Design looks nice but they don't list one for 250. I ran into the same problem with the years that fit the 250. There's really nothing wrong with the stock unit, but if I found a billet model, I might be inclined to take off the cage and just run the saver. I have found some things stuck under the cage that I would rather have slung out of there.
  12. Red_Snapper

    running rich after jetting and need some help

    Your mixture screw, at 5/8's turn out, is telling you to go down a size on the pilot jet. You may not need to be at #4 on the clip (down from the top) too. I'd lean the pilot first and the clip second.
  13. Red_Snapper

    Honda HP chain lube maker?

    I'm bummed, I went to get some Honda HP chain lube (red can/black graphics) and they have discontinued it. My dealer says it's the California thing again. Funny, it had to be one of the most benign and least smelly chain lubes around. Anyone know who made this product for Honda?
  14. Red_Snapper

    '02 XR250 Fork Brace

    Correction, Superbrace has had an XR250 brace for well over a year--I have one. There is something you should know about Superbrace, however. The Superbrace moves the lower fork boot attachment point up to the seal area (instead of down below on the fork leg). Because of this, the vent holes on the boot put all their detritus directly in the seal well, instead of benignly in the boot below. I'm running foam bands around the holes now. Other solutions are to use Sealsaver type neoprene fork boots, but they have some issues too. Otherwise, the Superbrace is sa-weet.
  15. Red_Snapper

    Jump starting a 230?

    airmaxx23 pegged this topic all right, lol. I'd replace the battery, but the little guy on my shoulder keeps whispering, "who replaces a good battery?" And I would hate to have to bump start a stone cold 230, they are kind of cold blooded and really like their cranking speed. I don't expect it to fail me when it's all nice and warmed up and easy to bump start. It would be pretty nice to have a quick start box like they make for car trunks, that would be appropriately sized for bike batteries. Does anyone know what those specs might look like? I do NOT want to cook a CDI or regulator.