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  1. Ill post a video soon so you guys can hear / see the bike run. I will say, i was surprised i was able to get the bike to wheelie without clutch even with that desert tank full of gas and it pulls much harder than my old sm with a modded mikuni.
  2. Well, I figured I'd give you guys an update. I bit the bullet and took the bike to Tokyo Mods and the carb ended up needing to be rebuilt. Knowing the previous owner and the history of the carb and the bike never running right with it, I had them rejet it with the correct needle and such to match the mods on the bike. I also had them do their "Tokyo carb mod", stiffer ap spring, mod the diaphragm (didn't know that was possible) and something else for the life of me I can't remember.... I am not going to lie, I spent more on the used carb than i should have.... Final verdict? The bike is running like a champ, I had the previous owner test ride it yesterday and he agreed that its running way better than when he had it. Over all, I am happy. It cost me $360 out of my xmas bonus but that is ok. If I didn't mention in the original post, the bike was gifted to me. So i am looking at it from the perspective of a low mileage drz that cost me less than $400. Cheers, ride safe!
  3. zac949

    Yoshimura rs2

    +1 On the James Dean jet kit for the mikuni carb .edited, correct info given already.
  4. zac949

    Dan Moto Pipes

    I was in your position once and bought a dan moto for my gsx1250fa, They work fine, most are "open" and loud. They are built cheap and will fall apart on you, at least that's what happened to the one i bought. It did NOT fit well from the gate, luckily for me the guy at the muffler shop was able to help for free. The mount it came with did not fit, I ended up at home depot for some micky mouse parts. But, it worked for awhile and it looked decent. but eventually it literally fell apart and I went back to stock exhaust and had to buy something better quality. They look good from far, but are far from good.
  5. I think my best logical solution for time being is probably remounting the mikuni that is jetted properly for the open yosh and saving my cash for a new fcr.... At least at that point, Ill have a running bike and the fcr off for a better look at what is going on.
  6. I am in Costa Mesa, once the bike is up and running Ill drop you a pm. Currently, I only have my Gsx1250fa touring bike.
  7. I have been tossing around the idea of buying a brand new fcr, seem like the prices on them have jumped up. When my buddy originally got the bike, it was bone stock. I did the 3x3 mod and re jetted his bike to run with the full yosh. I told him about the fcr mx mod as his next performance mod and instead of heeding my advice he bought a fcr from an unkown application,and got it on with the stock s boots. It ran solid, never felt dialed in compared to the modded drz's I have been on. As noble pointed out, the diaphragm is in the AP, after sitting for some time it had deteriorated and was replaced. That's when the issues started. I AM on the fence about whether to pay $300 for repairs on this used carb. I think I'd like a brand new one dialed in from start. Just need to find one in budget.
  8. I called them this morning. They gave me flat rate pricing on the labor to remove and install the carb which was reasonable. They also gave me a flat rate of 159 to fix what ever is wrong with the carb above the labor (that seemed high). All in all, the bike was given to me and has only 4000 miles on it. So $280 - 300 to dial it in seems worth it to me. I will let you know how things turn out once I make it down there.
  9. And this is why I came straight to TT, thanks dude. After looking at their website I notice they sell and install their own fcr mx kit for the drz. That right there tells me they should know a little more than the average shop. At least in my own head it does lol. Ill give them a call.
  10. Greetings! Long standing member here that just recently acquired another drz400. I am hoping to find a mechanic that is familiar with working / solving jetting issues with a fcr installed. The bike was my buddy's, he recently cleaned and rebuilt the carb with a new diaphragm (?) and it has not run right since. While I don't know the actual jetting, it was running great at one point in time. the symptoms are this. Needs choke to start, runs like it is starved of fuel and coughs / sputters. does not rev up. Any input is appreciated, to be honest though, I know how much of a pain these carbs are to get on & off and would prefer to pay someone qualified.
  11. zac949

    Anyone from the Costa Mesa area ride?

    Eastside CM here, I only make it out a few times a year these days but i can give ya a heads up when i do go. My first ride of the season is going to be mid October on a Sunday, probably the 14th out in Johnson Valley. I ride with a mellow group with the mind set of having fun versus getting hurt. If you are looking for a super fast paced ride you may want to shine the offer lol.
  12. zac949

    Stewart's new bike

    http://www.redbullus...021243204950407 Perhaps the op meant to add this link. I would be surprised if it has not been posted on TT already. I do not visit the forum much so i oppologized if it's a re post.
  13. zac949

    my sm ( not shur what I have done )

    I think it's pretty bad @$$!
  14. zac949

    2012 Supercross TV schedule

    They dropped the third Anaheim and added a Dodgers stadium.
  15. zac949

    Berts megamall in L.A area

    Yep, i was bummed. I had to drive to LA county (Inglewood i think) when buying my street bike back in April. The business changed names to LA Cyclesports but is still connected to OTD If you were on the market for a Honda, Suzuki or a Triumph i would highly recommend going to OTD and asking for Roger. He is VERY straight forward with out the BS. In fact, when it came down to signing paperwork he dropped the price $800 below what the Internet price was listed at. You can go to their website, click the bike you want and fill out a credit app and if you are close credit wise to one of the promotional rates they will give up points to make sure you get that lower APR.