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  1. PIN-D-KTM

    Good place for beginners

    Not the worst place in the world to burn cross country laps either if you pick the right trails. Especially when the rest of the world is snowed in.
  2. PIN-D-KTM

    i need help

    its probably just majorly clapped. I think the only fix is to install a brand new 07 yz250 in front of the rider. (or sx ).
  3. PIN-D-KTM

    Brand new 450X

    Adams apple? I just soiled myself. Rofl.
  4. PIN-D-KTM

    Brand new 450X

    sounds like good advice guys. Thanks. He should be joining this site soon, so hopefully he can try what u r saying then get back to you to see if it worked. Right now im just mediating for him. btw, this site is very comparable to the ktmtalk site. Very user friendly with tons of good advice. FRank
  5. PIN-D-KTM

    Brand new 450X

    My brother just bought an 07 450X. It doesnt seem to want to stay running when its put in gear and seems to be running a little lean. Ive never worked on 4st bikes. Do they come from the factory lean for california? Suspension seems to be super stiff as well. Just wondering it there were any "must haves" to get this bike up and running good. I'd hate for my 05 300 exc to keep owning him. Frank