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  1. I've been using Klotz R-50 for about 8yrs now. 40:1
  2. Thanks numroe...great info to use. For all of those using the 22.5's........care to share some baseline suspension settings to start me off? I already have stiffer fork and shock springs as I weigh about 230 with gear. One size up from stock. Can't recall off the top of my head. And.......Rcannon......care to explain how Dave J fixed your forks?
  3. Yes. I have the forks slid up already in the stock clamps, almost as high as they will go. I do so many that switched are woods riders...and I am def. NOT a woods rider, MX only. So I hope this is a good fix to help me get to turning better. I'm wondering if the "twitchy" thing might just take a getting used to? Or.. maybe RCannon can tell us how his forks were "fixed" so that it got rid of that feeling.
  4. Thanks again... I really didn't know what I was reading then. Top and bottom triples with stem seems the way to go. Are you POSITIVE on the steering stem? I took this from post #27 in this thread. Appreciate the help!
  5. I must be a little slow...I'm not totally understanding, sorry. I have an 06 yz250T. 4. If I get the top clamp and steering stem (I don't need the lower clamp, because it's the same as the 2T, right?) from a 2010+ YZ450F, I use the 450F stem and if I only get the top clamp, then I use the 2T stem, correct? Just trying to be sure as I thought I read that it would be too long and the 250F would be too short. Thanks for being patient and helping out.
  6. Are those the only things that are needed?
  7. Just to make sure I'm getting what I'm supposed to: I'm still debating whether or not to go to 22.5 triple clamps on my 06 YZ250. Here is what I think I have right, please add anyting missing or make corrections. 1. 2010+ YZ450F (or 12'+ YZ250f) top clamp AND bar mounts. 2. Front plate and fender that fits 10'+ YZ450F 3. Machine 1mm from tube hole and/or be sure it is 56mm in the open position 4. Press in 2T steering stem Question...where do you go to get the machining and pressing done?
  8. Theres my problem. I was under the "G2 throttle cam system" instead of the dirt tamer. And.. it seems the quick turn would be the option for me. Anyone else have the quick turn that can offer some input?? I like the "less rotation to reach full throttle" which surely would help me, but I'm a little worried about trying to get used to the quicker response in the off idle to 1/2 throttle positioning. Thanks.
  9. Are you sure it's pre-mix and not oil from an over oiled air filter?
  10. Comes up to $89.95 for expert for me? I'm interested...but it says it goes to the stock setting for full throttle position. This is the trouble I have when standing up, getting to full throttle...my wrist doesn't want to go that far. So this doesn't seem that it will help with that or am I a little confused?
  11. I would take a look at your reeds too. Check for cracks/chips, etc.
  12. You really need to .change the top end first or you will continue to be chasing your tail. Once you change it ..start out at stock with your jetting and then adjust accordingly. I see no need to buy a jd kit. Read the manual..it explains the jetting..needles..etc.etc. And you can buy a few that you think you may need for a lot less money than the kit. Plus..im sure with the help here it can get figured out.
  13. If it was better for the clutch (ATF) then I'd think that the manufacturers would recommend it's use instead of plain ol engine oil. Not saving much $$.
  14. Have you checked your clutch basket? Probably notched real bad.
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