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    Dirt bikes, horses, guitar, sculpting, reading, farming,camping, fishing etc etc etc...
  1. V-Dawn

    How'd you pick your User Name?

    Mine's boring enough, V is My first initial (for Valerie) and Dawn is my middle name
  2. V-Dawn

    KABOOM, sizzle, sizzle (HBD FC)

    Happy Birthday to you too PP!!
  3. V-Dawn

    Pull My Finger

    I'm a #2 as well...so I vote for full of crap teach! I've been the opposite of "girly-girl" since birth!
  4. V-Dawn

    Need help with good books for a younger person

    Excellent Book- Pillars of the Earth Ken Folliet (?sp can't remember if it is one L or 2!) I didn't want that one to end...
  5. V-Dawn

    KABOOM, sizzle, sizzle (HBD FC)

    hey Happy Birthday!! Hope its a good one!!
  6. V-Dawn

    Good Crockpot Recipes

    My Chili Verde: been told its the bomb! lol Pork butt or shoulder...i prefer butt! Garlic clove about 6 jalapeños or if you want hot go for the habaneros! cilantro to taste 1 onion 1 Tbsp chicken bullion you can add some salsa if you like salt and pepper to taste let cook overnight or til it falls apart! mmmm mmmm good with pintos on flour tortillas!
  7. V-Dawn

    What do you all do for a living?

    Occasional artist full time mom.
  8. V-Dawn

    I slipped!

    wow thats nice DQ!! mine is a bit different....straight thru that fleshy part..I could not cut it this cleanly if I tried LoL its not on either finger tho, just in between both. (I'm a 2 finger clutch-er )
  9. V-Dawn

    I slipped!

    No doc..I've had shots in my hand before and this is mostly just skin that was cut so I just peroxided it slapped on some triple antibiotic ointment, taped the 2 fingers together (with a thin gauze in between) and hoped for the best. Looks better this morning and is sealing so I think it'll be ok.
  10. V-Dawn

    I slipped!

    LMAO! yeah theres a great gap now!!! Maybe I'll be able to stretch from 1 to 8 LOL and yes...I was getting the pit out and it split... I'm actually amazed it didn't go right thru the center of my hand *gak* major damage would have happened then...I don't even want to imagine that!
  11. V-Dawn

    I slipped!

    This sucks. lol Now I have to go do something wonderfully entertaining...like watching TV *sigh*
  12. V-Dawn

    I slipped!

    I've been so jazzed about playing guitar lately that I've been practicing non stop for days. Well last night as I was preparing dinner for my husbands family that is visiting I hurt my hand pretty bad and I have no idea of how long this injury will take to heal... I was slicing an avocado (like i do about every other day) and my very sharp knife slipped and cut the (webbing) for lack of a better word in between my forefinger and middle finger on my left hand!!! Cut it down to the muscle!(ha thought the sister in law was gonna puke!) No pain while I've taped the 2 fingers together, but I know I will loose muscle tone and stretch in my left hand while waiting for it to heal. It was showing a lot of progression lately in flexibilty too. I'm so bummed.... & it really freaked me out when I first looked at how bad it was. A lot of relief when I found I could move both fingers easily! I was terrified of nerve damage (not knowing what exactly is in that area of my hand...oh well...guess I'm out of commission for a bit when it comes to guitar and dirt bikes too (those are my clutch fingers) my 2 favorite things to do...gone in a flash (well temporarily anyway) Thanks for listening/reading my rant!
  13. V-Dawn

    New-I Want Weekend Pics Again

    Party on Sun
  14. V-Dawn

    New-I Want Weekend Pics Again

    mmmmm....I'm thinking maybe the Blues Junior cuz I like it clean and loud (in house use only) OR a VOX....because occasionally I do like distortion My sons G-Dec just isn't clean on any channel! Ooo I forgot to mention that my strat is a 60th anniversary edition! I'll get pics later!