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    oil breather hose

    My crankcase vent hose got burned in two by the exhaust. I noticed this happened to one other in this thread. Is this common, and would it be due to improper routing during setup by the dealer, or would it have occurred at the factory?
  2. JSTAVbiker

    How Tall Are TE Riders?

    I'm about 5'8" and just picked up my TE510 yesterday. I only rode it in the parking lot of the dealer, and heat cycled it last night. I'm slightly apprehensive about the seat height 'cause I can only tippy toe it. The dealer tech told me he could lower the suspension by up to two inches by adding travel limiters. I doubt I'll take him up on his offer, since it reduces ground clearance by the same amount. He did say that the suspension takes a a little while to break-in and the sag should increase. He recommends setting the fork suspension in the soft range until it breaks in. I'm very excited about the new bike. I bought Acerbis guards, and I am thinking of getting the heat shield for the exhaust.
  3. JSTAVbiker

    New (soon anyway) Husky owner

    Man, this is why I love these forums. Thanks for the excellent pics and advice, your bike is awesome, and I wish I could keep mine inside like you. I see what ya'll are doing to your exhausts. I could grind those rivets off and cut off lengths of the restrictor pipe for different states of tune.
  4. JSTAVbiker

    New (soon anyway) Husky owner

    Sorta_motarded, dude, thanks for the info! Is the muffler endcap riveted or screwed on the end of the stock exhaust? I might just take it apart, and cut only part of the tube off. I intend to ride from my house and don't want it too loud. Well, my other bike is sort of loud, so they are probably used to it. I don't want to start any controversy, but here is the jetting the shop said they will do with the stock exhaust: OBDVR needle, 4th clip 50 pilot 180 main fuel screw 1 3/16 remove limiter from accelerator pump and adjust to 1 turn out. comments? On an aside, I met Micah from New Braunfels at the local Cycle World bike show. I was also checking out one of those new v-twin Aprilia bikes.
  5. JSTAVbiker

    New (soon anyway) Husky owner

    Sorry I didn't mean to imply I was going to rush out and buy a new exhaust. Of course, I'll give the stocker a go, and inspect it to make sure it flows well. I suppose that I prefer low-end torque to max top end power, and in that regard, I'm hoping that the 510 will be capable. The only reason I would really consider a new exhaust is to save weight by going to a full titanium system. I'm having the dealership I'm buying it from properly jet, and remove the CA emissions before I pick it up. I'm certain it is lean from the factory. They suggested I leave the throttle stop in, until break-in expires. This seems reasonable, but it will have to come out immediately post break-in.
  6. JSTAVbiker

    New (soon anyway) Husky owner

    Thanks for the quick responses. I had read the thread that scottrtoo suggest, and was looking for any further advice. I guess I'll be sticking with the stroker. Now I just need to decide which aftermarket exhaust and other goodies I'll need
  7. Hello, I figured I'd go ahead and introduce myself knowing that I have money down on a new '07 TE510. The dealer sales guy seems to have no idea when it will get here, but I suppose I'm in no great hurry. For now anyway I have owned various motorcycles, currently have a H-D FXDXT, just sold a Suzuki DRZ250, and recently owned a KTM SM625. I enjoy off-road riding, and have participated in some enduros in the past. Down here in South Texas, we have a great variety of terrain, and I do ride single-track on some tight forest trails. I intend to ride this bike everywhere, including the street. I'll probably end up buying a supermoto setup. Now for my question, do you think the TE510 is the best choice for the type of riding I described above? I also considered the TE250 and TE450. It came down to the fact that the 510 is only marginally more expensive than the 450, and there is "no replacement for displacement!" I still want to be able to ride quickly in the single-track stuff, but I'm not out to win any races... yet. Please let me know your thoughts. Best Regards, Jason