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  1. Sxdude

    Favorite Blake Baggett Moments

    Bake Baggett made the Washington Post news...cool https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/blake-baggett-races-to-first-450-class-motocross-victory/2017/06/03/0aaf2788-48ba-11e7-8de1-cec59a9bf4b1_story.html?utm_term=.f96882a0add6
  2. Sxdude

    Favorite Blake Baggett Moments

    if you FF to mark 19:06 BB looks back over his shoulder.
  3. Sxdude

    Favorite Blake Baggett Moments

  4. Sxdude

    Favorite Blake Baggett Moments

    anyone have a pic of Blake jumping into that left hand bank turn?
  5. Sxdude

    SuperCross in the Sun

    Nick Desiderio #337
  6. Metlife stadium supercross? This is my 1st SX race.... . When the tickets say that the main event is at 7pm.. that is when the 1st 250 heat race begins, correct?
  7. Sxdude

    Ktm reliability?

    My 1999 ktm 250 exc is still going strong...
  8. Sxdude

    Stewart's outdoor crashes....

    Is there video of JS's crash from his gopro?
  9. Sxdude

    07 CRF450 muffler ?

    ok but I thought they were SS rivets ?
  10. Sxdude

    07 CRF450 muffler ?

    I need to replace the end cap (item 9 on PL)....can I get the SS rivets at lowes or home depot..if so what size do i get. thanks
  11. Sxdude

    New website up for njmp field of dreams.

    i just got the email from their mailing list....looks good
  12. NJ I guess.....we can get evensville for less than half the price.
  13. Sxdude

    New Jersey Repair Shop

    try "The Cycle Exchange" on rt 206 in netcong.
  14. Approx 2000.00. We had 20 something riders 100. 00 each