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  1. Time Left: 14 days and 23 hours

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    These are brand new Mojave pants and Dakar jersey. I wore them 1 ride. The pants are size 38. I wear 36-38 and these fit well. Well vented and they are the over-the-boot model. Jersey is size XL. Has padded elbows. Great all around jersey with good ventilation. Zero damage to either. A steal at $125!


  2. Plenty of dust on the A loop trails. Tomorrow should be great though, 30 miles of ST. Have fun!
  3. Haha. We had dust, just a few miles east of you guys.
  4. Did 188 miles dual sport, 8.5 hour ride all around Hood, wasn't a great day for it! Was today the Black Dog? We saw a ton of ADV bikes on our way home.
  5. Absolutely, my pleasure Jeff! Glad to play tour guide! Awesome day of riding! We lucked out. Weather was perfect for the ride. It dumped rain all the way back down from Mt though with thunder and impressive showers.
  6. I've never actually ridden Nestucca but I've ripped pretty much every piece of pavement between I5 and the coast for 25 years. Really? I prefer it to Tillamook. Way less use and less gravel road riding. It's a really fun place to ride.
  7. I've only been the Carlton way once. It sounds like they may not do the poker run this year.
  8. closed on both ends? There's 3 roads in Not sure? The road from Willamina is the one that is closed.
  9. Dude, willemina is like a mile from a huge riding area. Upper Nestucca all over and around Sheridan peak. You could drive up to Tillamook, but why? The main road to Upper Nestucca main staging areas is closed for the summer unfortunately. Not sure what alternate access is to OHV
  10. Well stated! The last poker run I did last summer, there was a family, husband and wife with 2-3 daughter's. Pretty slow going, which is fine. But, plenty of places to pull over enough to let the large group behind pass. Dad was taking up the rear and girls were struggling with a section and stuck needing assistance, no big deal. Several of us go to pass with etiquette. Dad parks bike sideways blocking entire trail so no one can pass his family, yelling under his breath something at everyone behind. Not cool. No your place and be courteous of fellow riders. I've been on the other side when my oldest son's were small. I always took the rear and explicitly told my boy's if I holler at you, simply pull over safety and let others by. Seems simple. But common sense cannot be taught, and often not tolerated!
  11. Moab at dusk.
  12. Morrow has some very challenging steep singletrack if you look for it. Ride all of 60, 59. Climb 83. Do all of G1 off of G3. There's enough there to challenge A riders for a day. There's plenty of other flowing fun stuff to keep you on your toes. It takes some time to figure out loops, but it's got some fun and challenging riding, been going there for 10 years straight.
  13. Awesome! I'm loving my '17 390. 60 hrs now and still impresses me each ride. Just got back from a week in Moab, the 390 was a blast! My brother just put on the GT333 and loves it.
  14. Haven't made it out to Winom yet, been wanting to get out there.
  15. Morrow Co OHV couldn't fit the bill any better with a huge variety of terrain ranging from easy Jeep trails to steep technical singletrack. Over 200 miles of trails and the premier camping and riding location with wonderful camping emmenities including free hot shower facilities, EMS personnel on site, a restaurant, tons of hookup sites, dry sites, and even A frame cabins. Exactly 3 1/2 hrs from Portland. Heck, there's even a stocked trout pond! Beautiful location between Heppner and Spray with amazing vistas and views.