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  1. Must be the Swedish blood! Nicely done. You guys are much tougher than me, I sat at home sipping my hot chocolate.
  2. That's awesome Russ! Looking forward watching these events grow and your passion for giving back to the sport spreading!
  3. I bought the 390 for similar use, without the commute part. I've got 38 hrs on the 390 now and only had it on the road once for a short dual sport ride. The bike is fantastic in the woods with the smooth linear power delivery of the long stroke motor. I have mine geared at 13-48 which is perfect for woods. On the road it's comfortable around 60 mph, but it's a dirt bike, so no cush,hub, knobby tires, etc make it better suited for gravel or dirt roads for dual sporting. The overall package is impressive with no remapping, Desmogging, etc, The FI is spot on right off showroom floor and the handling and suspension are really nice.
  4. And lots of snow late. You ever ride 3 trails? Callahan?
  5. Quite the contrast to last year!
  6. HR is a cool place to ride! The Beta 390 is flat out awesome. Checks all of the boxes for me!
  7. Mccubbins open April 1st! Right around the corner. The KDX's will always have a special place in my heart. Very capable NW woods bikes! What I like about our old girl is it was ridden hard and put away wet last June. Not touched since. Started 3rd kick Thursday and ran like a champ!
  8. Amazing day riding with my oldest son in Hood River, Oregon with epic conditions. Link in my video to my son's video on the old KDX we keep as the extra back-up billy goat bike.
  9. A beautiful February day riding with my oldest son. Spring-like conditions at Hood River, Oregon. Link in video to my son's video on the old '94 KDX we keep as the extra back-up billy goat bike.
  10. Small endurocross practice section on Beta 390. Stock suspension is really good. Handles everything with ease.
  11. Nicely done. Always look forward to your year in review slideshow and reminds me to take more pics on my rides to capture the memory. Awesome you're out riding with your grandson(s)! That's what its all about right there! Looking forward to doing that myself someday. Rode with my 3 oldest last summer before 2 were off for college and sold their bikes. Sad and awesome at the same time. Looking forward to them taking next steps in life and able to get back to riding soon.
  12. I initially thought this was a problem from a shattered wrist injury from 30 years ago as I have some normal arthritis from time to time in my right wrist. I wasn't experiencing any left hand hand issues though. Lots of research indicated the Flexx bars were a game changer for carpal tunnel and old age, Lol. My son discovered I was actually having issues in my shoulder that was causing the numbness and was exasserbate by my camelbak and armor pressing on my right shoulder. The bars are great though for absorbing the trail bumps and rocks and roots.
  13. No, I have had some pretty serous throttle hand numbness issues over the years that progressively has gotten worse. I bought the Flexx bars to help. My son is just finishing up his physio therapy program and he was able to diagnose and help with my numbness issues that were not related to vibs or trail pounding. The Flexx bars are awesome though, just going to use the $ for other mods.
  14. I have a set of 12 degree enduro bend Flexx bars with damper crossbar. They come with FASST fit custom handguards with threaded inserts and all mounting hardware. Come with blue, yellow and red elastomers. Bought them in June and have about 20 hours on them. They're in perfect condition and have zero damage. A few scuffs. I'll throw in a new set of Moose Stealth grips. PM for price and details. Save $100!