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  1. Heck yeah! Really, pm me and we'll make a plan
  2. That's what was hoping to hear. I love my xcw down low but I only got back into riding last year and I've had it get away from me a couple times. I miss the nice even power of a 4t but the last 250f I had took too much work and a 450 is just a pig in single track Its like Goldilocks said "this one is just right"
  3. I just came off of a KTM 300 with carb and head mod that was tuned to perfection. My 390 will lug just as well. You can run it a gear or 2 high easily. You can be in 3rd at walking speed or basically come to a stop and use just a touch of clutch and itvl won't stall. It's revs quick too. Amazing motor!
  4. Oh, very nice! Like the '18 looks with the white! Looking forward to ride reports!
  5. Awesome! Great to your perspective coming from your 350 and 500 background. What you've described is exactly how I feel about my 390. I am riding faster, easier with this bike. Keep the ride reports coming!
  6. I totally get the high desert change of scenery coming from AZ. Those of us life long West (wet) siders long for dry climates, sun and for the moss to stop growing on our backs! Be warned, if you aren't used to it, the long wet 8 months can wear on folks. Like I mentioned, White Salmon is affordable and you get the beauty of the Gorge along with access to just about all of the good riding the NW has to offer with Hood River right across the river and better climate. Camas has easy access to multiple riding areas as well and is centrally located with just about all types of riding areas and terrain no more than a couple hours away. Something I just thought about as well is the access to the coast. Oregon beaches are unbelievably beautiful and there's tons of wonderful towns along the coast to enjoy. Washington has very little coast line access in comparison with difficult access compared to the straight shot to the beaches from multiple hwy systems in Oregon. Washington has much better true single track IMO compared to Oregon and the high cascade riding in Washington is second to none and rivals anything Idaho has to offer. Forget plating your bike in Oregon. It's virtually impossible unless you sneak it through, but DMV has been getting better at catching non street legal bikes. Washington on the other hand is a breeze with a basic dual sport kit and taking it to a shop for inspection. I'm sure you're aware, but just a taste. TSF Central Oregon Hood River Gifford Tahuya Shelton Just a taste, so much More! BTW, how are you on Sachs suspension? Beta 390 might need some springs and service this winter.
  7. Looking forward to your initial thoughts on bike's performance. Do you have a helmet cam? Always fun to see footage from other riders.
  8. One last thought, and I'm not trying to be a Jr. real estate agent here, but there are so many fantastic places here in the NW to consider. If you are thinking about it from a business standpoint and desire to have a steady local stream of customers, being close to the Seattle and Portland areas are something to consider. But, with that, comes higher cost of living and housing is outrageous right now in both of those metro areas. If its wanting access to great riding year round, then the places to consider narrow a bit. Belfair is a year round place, but as mentioned, is rural and a bit out of the way. TSF stays open year round and is close to Portland metro area. Hood River does not have year round riding available locally as they shut down for winter, but you are not too far from TSF. Another place that checks most all of the boxes is Bend, in Central Oregon. It has a fantastic climate with virtually no rain compared to the West side. It is a large resort city that has been and is growing at a good pace. It has a significant population with wealth and lots of expendable income. Awesome housing options abound with nice schools and infrastructure. It has an extremely vibrant outdoor recreation community with fantastic skiing at Mt. Bachelor, world class Mt biking, fly fishing, kayaking/SUP, golf, hunting, etc. Tons of shopping and wonderful restaurants and brewery options. It's a popular vacation destination as well. It has tons of dirt biking locally that is open year round with the exception of hard winters when the snow gets too deep, which is rare. China Hat has hundreds of miles of riding and is connected to Millican and EFR with a variety of terrain from fast open to tight technical. You are close to other riding options as well including Cline Butte and 3-trails. Lets just say you can ride someplace different year round without getting bored. Then, you add that this is dualsport heaven and if you add a plated bike, you have endless access to some incredible adventure riding including the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route. One nice thing about this is the ADV guys often have lots of $ and there would most likely be a steady income stream from these prospective clients. There are other options close by if you are looking for something a bit lower key. Sisters is a really awesome little city with unbelievable beauty at the foothills of the Cascades. Redmond is up and coming city with much cheaper housing options and is just minutes from Bend. I'm not sure how you feel about being near a competitor, but Kreft is located in Bend as well. One thing to consider about Central Oregon though is that you are several hours away from the West side of the state if you desire access to those areas including Portland. I have a close riding buddy who just moved to Bend for all of the above mentioned features and he commutes to Portland 3 days a week, its that nice of place to live! If I didn't have all of my family here on the West side, I'd live in Bend. So, there you go, I gave away all of our secret NW living and riding options. I charge a small fee for my services, lol. Cost you a ride together once you move and get settled.
  9. Only 45+ miles of trails like this Fun place to get your flow on!
  10. I agree on the stock tires and I dumped those a while ago. The 390 came stock with fan, is yours a rr or rrs edition? Hope you get to take her out more this Fall! They're terrific bikes!
  11. Soon brother. It's absolutely dumping right now. Definitely not the conditions from video!
  12. White Salmon offers all of the features of Hood River's weather and recreation minus the high cost of homes and resort town amenities.
  13. BPR's are pretty bomb proof and still provide good airflow. Spendy, but worth the $.
  14. How many miles do you have on your 350 now? Any issues so far? Have you checked valves yet? So far I've had to replace the fan switch as the fan was constantly on, but that was factory warranty. Other than that so far so good. I noticed that if I do the idle for 10 min. Reset it helps at elevation or cold temps. Have you noticed any fluctuations in idle or done the reset?
  15. Riding season is winding down here and is completely weather dependant. Hopefully an Indian summer so I can rack up some more miles on her. We were shut down for fire danger for most of July-Sept.