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  1. Chilly demonstrating this point very well! "Rule #1, never put it in 1st gear"
  2. Watched full review. Actually Kyle had some good comments that reflected the benefits of the Beta. The front fork, front brake, and gearing gripes definitely reveals Kyle's lack of exposure and experience as a rider, especially the gearing. There isn't one piece of trail video that Kyle rides where he "Should" use 1st gear. Any experienced rider would use 2nd and that item on the left side of the handlebars to modulate speed and traction. I really don't have an issue with the reviews other than the fact that Kyle refuses to be honest about his experience level and ability and continues to share opinions as if he were an expert level rider. His last comments stating the Beta is best suited for an older rider really reveals Kyle's true self evaluation. He truly believes he's an expert! He needs some perspective!
  3. Oh boy, here we go. Now Kyle is a suspension reviewer! All of that expertise and, wait for it, he says the WP Xplor forks are better than the Sachs! Weird he'd think a fork, designed by WP, for KTM, that was meant for beginning and intermediate riding is better than the Beta Sachs fork. Pretty transparent here in building up the bike he's "giving away", by selling T shirts to promote his channel. Now we're getting into some higher level marketing here. Promote the "give away" bike trying to sell T shirts that would pay for the bike, while those T-shirts promote your YouTube channel! BTW, I rode the Xplor fork on a '17 TE300 back to back with my brother's Beta 250rr. Let's put it this way, if I rode only 1st-2nd gear terrain, the Xplor would be fine, but the Sachs are way more versatile and perform better the more you push them.
  4. O.K., thank you for the feedback and please let us know what you find out. That'd be greatly appreciated!
  5. Well, I think the biggest issue for myself, and maybe others, is that Kyle changed the focus of the channel from an enthusiastic rider who commented on bikes and gear and then went down the road of becoming a bike reviewer. That is totally fine, but, going down the road of a bike reviewer the expectations are now higher, especially from the audience that has lots of riding experience. When comments start to be made regarding bike's that are completely outside your level of experience and background then you come across a certain way that is a turn off for those who know better. Then, trying to prove to be something you're not just compounds the situation. If you are going to make comments that reflect an expert's opinion, you better be able to back that up with your experience, background and skill level.
  6. Very nice. I sure love mine! What bike are you completely off of?
  7. Just watched one of your videos. Very nice! Great to see some good NW terrain. Keep up the great work! One caveat though....wrong bike color!
  8. Haha. Don't think so! Zero desire to do anything like that. I'd have to edit waaay too many of my idiotic maneuvers to create any decent vids
  9. I completely agree and there's actually a huge niche for an average rider doing reviews. Not all of us can relate to Jimmy Lewis or other professional riders and sometimes just having a solid intermediate rider give a review for us mortals is refreshing and insightful as they are doing much more similar riding style than the expert guy. I totally look for guys like this who I can more readily relate to when looking for information or reviews. Being self aware and honest about your abilities and experience level and sharing that to your audience is actually endearing and garners respect. Most guys can relate and would continue to follow and support with this type of approach. But, Kyle seems to be very determined to prove he's something more than he really is, which consequently is completely transparent to those of us who are a bit more long in the tooth. He's losing the experienced rider demographic by continuing to try to demonstrate that he's somehow an expert rider or riding gnarly terrain. I personally had supported the channel with a small amount, but stopped with this recent change in his demeanor. It's a huge turn off and there's way better options available with guys who are honest about their knowledge base and experience level. It's really too bad because he WAS on to something that was informative and enjoyable to watch, but maybe he just grew in popularity so fast that it kinda went to his head. I also noticed his comment numbers have come way down and many of the remaining comments are coming from a very young and inexperienced demographic.
  10. Man, that sucks! A couple questions since I have the same bike. Did you try the ECU reset described by KRAN on your own before taking in the bike? How many miles are on the bike? How many were on it before you left for your trip? Any mods to the bike? Did you go down or crash on the trip or anything that may have affected throttle or fuel system? Did you happen to look at the black back mounting plates on the underside of your tank that are for your fuel pump and pickup? Check for fuel weeping from these? They are assembled pretty loose and might need a slight snug.
  11. Great channel here! Always enjoy watching the neighbors to the East
  12. Man, when those guys were cranking out vids several years ago, I couldn't wait for the next one! Absolutely hilarious. Miss that group. Wonder why they don't do vids together anymore?
  13. Local stuff
  14. With lots of discussion regarding Dirt Bike Channel lately and with the great Barry Morris cross training YouTube channel, just wondering what are some of the favorite YouTube channels for you guys. I currently really enjoy Tokyo Offroad. Great technical terrain and footage and solid reviews and tips from time to time. For some great thrashings, sheer entertainment, and pretty darn extreme riding I enjoy these knuckleheads. But, have to admit, my all time favorite is the old Enduro Alaska boys!
  15. No. It's part of the Trask/Tillamook state forest. ISDE 2 day qualifier was held in this area from 1971-1995.