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  1. firffighter

    Beta's 2-stroke fuel injection future

    More: A technical explanation of the way this solution works: Substantially it is an indirect injection but with the lower injector angled in a way to spray directly through the central transfer port (not sure how it is called in English), this way - for homologation - they can use ~only this injector and inject fuel at the last possible moment, before the piston goes up closing the central transfer port, thus most of the gases going out to the exhaust (short-circuit) will be only air, or very lean mixture. The other injector (the upper one), on the other hand, does not allow this subtlety and essentially sprays "free" inside the crankcase, 100% an indirect injection, thus ensuring a good homogenization of the mixture, fuel that in this case will reach the cylinder from all the transfer ports, not just the central one, like in the lower injector case. Advantages over the TPI would be better homogeneization (thus higher torque down low), disadvantages would be that it can "load" the crankcase much more than the TPI does. All in all, I think that KTM and Beta fuel injections will have similar performance, with Beta having stronger low RPM torque (at least on the stock bikes, as homogeneization can be improved much on the TPI through two solutions) but the KTM working slightly better as throttle response. But it's impossible to make precise evaluations of performance (be it torque, power or driveability) from just reading a patent, because to assess the performance, the design of a fuel injection is very important, but nonetheless is also the implementation and the components used.
  2. firffighter

    Beta's 2-stroke fuel injection future

    Here's portions. The member sharing lives in Italy and has a company that works with the motorcycle manufacturers. As I wrote in the past (not sure here, but privately with some KTMTalk guys I did for sure), Beta was working on a LPDI (low pressure direct injection) but it was already clear they would abandon it, as it wouldn't offer the performance of the TPI. Now this seems indirectly confirmed by the fact that they filed this patent, and it's a new, completely different design: https://patentimages.storage.googlea...80023528A1.pdf The injectors are just after the reed valve but they use careful injection timings to limit anyway the short-circuit of fresh air-fuel-oil mixture during the scavenging process (at least in homologation configuration
  3. Interesting reading here on Beta's plan moving forward with fuel injection on the 2-strokes http://ktmtalk.com/showthread.php?544749-Beta-2-stroke-fuel-injection
  4. firffighter

    Oregon woods with 390

    Proshot helmet mount. The angle of the GoPro can make a difference on view.
  5. firffighter


    Looks like it was a decent amount of accumulation. Hopefully you guys get some Indian summer and some good Fall riding!
  6. firffighter

    Post your Beta video here..

    More Oregon woods. Actually some rain!
  7. firffighter


    Lol Oregon baby. We still cut trees here when the libs aren't watching ­čśë
  8. firffighter

    RPMs slow to return to idle after throttle blip

    Excellent. Sounds like you had a great ride! I had the handling idle one time last Fall. It was annoying coming into corners as it would push you into the corner. Did stepper motor reset following day and haven't needed to do it since.
  9. firffighter

    Gas tank resting on wire harness

    If this wasn't affecting your stock gas tank, it shouldn't with the IMS as they are the same at the back of the tank? When you took off your stock tank was there any problems?
  10. firffighter

    Gas tank resting on wire harness

    Good video here to help with IMS install. Notice at end of video how she does the mounting of the front and rear. This helps get the tank seated properly. Hope this helps.
  11. firffighter

    RPMs slow to return to idle after throttle blip

    George is spot on. Make sure your cable is routed with enough slack and not catching anything. It can happen after IMS install. Check that it's not catching your handlebar top clamp. It can slightly catch there and just barely pull the throttle cable. If everything is clear, start the motor from cold, no throttle for 10 minutes, then shut off. You should have normal idle at this point. The motor might do the hanging idle a few times before fully broken in. A good 4-5 minutes of idle warm up before each ride is key. Have fun, great bikes!
  12. firffighter

    Finally some moist singletrack!

    Fall is such an amazing time of year for riding. So many awesome places to hit after the first rains. Looking forward to some Central Oregon riding next month.
  13. firffighter


    Finally, after fire restrictions since June we got some rain!