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  1. Hey Bryan. It's 3 trails OHV near Crescent. Great riding area. And yes, when I ride my brother's beta 250rr, I'm always impressed. An amazing 2 stroke motor. He has the RB carb and head mod and its the most linearsmooth power delivery 2 stroke I've been on.
  2. Cool. Nicely done!
  3. FWIW, here is a 180+ hr piston 2nd 300RR piston. Approx 75 hrs. 2013 5 year old bike. You are going to have to ride the wheels off her this year!
  4. No kidding! Its going to very intersting. Might be the biggest changes to the sport since who knows when, mono-shock? A riding partner of mine bought a '17 500exc this Spring took until Feb to get it through emissions and remapping to get it to run correctly. That's a $10k bike that doesn't run until dealer spends forever attempting to undo and overcome restrictions so tight a 500cc bike rides like a pee shooter. This same gut is replacing his 2005 KTM 450exc with over 25k on it! Think we'll ever see that kind of engine building again from any of these manumanufacturers?
  5. I'm used to your East Coast bluntness and even my sensitive Oregon liberal feelings are hard to hurt. I'll try to toughen up, I promise. The obscure interview being common knowledge I'm not so sure about. Just look at the number of confused posters not sure what to do or what to make of the OI. That's why I believe it's important to have open dialogue on issues, not assume everyone is in the know, as you know what happens when you assume! This is great information and helps paint the picture of what consumers are dealing with. What will be fascinating to see is how the U.S. market responds. Will riders and dealers kick and scream at the changes coming or adapt and realize this is how it's going to be. Us older guys have already gone through the 4-stroke revolution and FI. Some were able to adapt and make mods to the bikes to make it work for them. Some just complained and rode old outdated technology for years claiming that their heavy old steed was superior. For instance, Husky released the FI in '08 as you mentioned. KTM RFS came with canister and smog control in '07. Yamaha plugged WR's for years. In all of those cases. Dealers and owners were able to adapt, make the necessary mods to enjoy years of riding. Only time will tell how the response will be over the next several years as 2-strokes enter the U.S. market with restrictions. I'm sure we'll get the requisite complainers and those who will refuse to be flexible or adapt and will keep riding older bikes. Most will figure out how to make the bikes work for them, move on and accept the reality that is change.
  6. Your continued insults and defections are your default mode anytime someone challenges you on your claims. It's par for the course with you and I expect these types of responses as you have a long history here demonstrating exactly this type of behavior which resulted in shutting down the last thread rather than participating in a mature discussion. Why do you get so defensive when objective questions are asked? Are you incapable of a discussion where something you claimed or stated is challenged? I think it's a fair discussion to take regarding Beta OI as a compliance to Euro emmisions vs other European manufacturers who have seemingly not made any significant or viable changes to meet current standards. Would you care to discuss or just keep up the ego war?
  7. The quote does not directly state the OI was instituted as the definitive result to Euro emmisions now in effect , but that's the 1st piece of hard evidence anyone has put forth that Beta chose OI to begin the process of complying, so thanks. I appreciate someone finally putting some hard evidence here to digest rather than unverified claims. Yes, each of the European manufacturers are responsible for their own compliance, yet Sherco (France), KTM (Austria), and GasGas (Spain) are all selling and importing 2-strokes with no modifications to meet emissions standards. Maybe they're all coming excessively lean from manufacturer to meet compliance? This doesn't seem to be the case as I test rode a freshly imported '17 TE300 last September, but maybe the U.S. models are not as lean as Euro showroom models. Only time will ultimately tell how the European manufacturers will meet full compliance.
  8. Where's your proof of this claim? Sherco and KTM are selling their 2 stroke in Europe no OI, but you keep repeating that Beta is restricted by Euro 4. BTW, a simple Sudco .07 needle and some fine tuning with your pilot jet and AS do wonders on these Betas.
  9. I noticed he's now wearing a chest protection and neck brace. Smart!
  10. I really don't mind either, it's just entertaining to banter about it because he's polarizing. He's definitely improved over the last year or so. Only thing annoying to me is trying to prove how good you are to everyone, but that's just more foder for banter, haha.
  11. Let me reiterate. True evidence of widespread failure due to engineering flaw is one thing and if that's the case, huge issue. Poorly designed system with several possible points of failure is something different.
  12. Engineer definition: Someone who solves a problem you didn't know you had, in a way you don't understand. In all seriousness, it's too bad these threads go so sideways rather than letting the issue play out to see some definitive answer or evidence. Instead it's just the same old stuff which just leads nowhere. One guy says he's got 200 hrs with OI with zero problems. One guy says OI damaged his piston at 50 hrs. So many other factors play into this and no one wants to address the factors that may lead to premature piston damage. Owner's maintenance and how bike's been ridden are big. We've all seen newer bikes blow due to rider rider's inadequate bike maintenance and abusing a new bike. Not saying this is cause of any of these claimed OI piston damage, but let's not assume it's OI failure immediately since there's just no way you can definitively tell. If a 5 year old bike that has no OI has 180 hrs and piston looks good that proves OI failure! All that proves is that bike is ridden pretty light hours each year. Bikes ridden in slow technical terrain vs all out in the desert are going to wear quite different obviously. No one will look at the numbers of units with OI sold vs units with true evidence that the OI did not pump enough oil and caused failure because that's the definitive evidence if there's real failure or not. Beta doesn't seem concerned about changing it and has sold thousands of units. Continuing to state Beta is required to do this due to Euro 4, proof please. Sherco and KTM aren't selling Euro 4 compliant bikes yet, so you are telling me Beta is the only manufacturer required to do so, or Beta chose to get ahead of the game 4 years in advance? Way too much speculation on these threads and I'd expect those who've been around the dirt bike world long enough would look at hard evidence over speculation of a widespread problem. Again, how many OI units are out there, thousands, and we're discussing a handful of problems and some of those have zero evidence that OI was the cause. As so many have stated, if it bothers you, block it, mix and ride. If it doesn't bother you, it doesn't bother you.
  13. They're really smart, just ask them
  14. Hold on! Looks like Kyle's getting ready for Erzberg '18
  15. These Beta's are being used as watercraft? Man, they're one versatile piece of engineering!