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  1. SPR400ex853

    Suzuki ltr exhaust

    anybody got one of those megabomb headers on their ltr? is it worth the money?
  2. SPR400ex853

    Suzuki shaved fenders

    hey i got an 07 ltr and i want to shave the fenders down. anyone got pics or just know exactly where i should cut..i dont want to screw up lol
  3. SPR400ex853

    Anybody got an LT-R 450 yet?

    hey NORMALZ...i want to cut my fenders...where exactly did you cut yours?
  4. SPR400ex853

    suzuki lt-r450

  5. SPR400ex853

    a arm

    do you have an ltr450? cuz if so your gonna run into a problem. the upper a arm balljoints are molded into the aarm (you can get them out) and im not sure about the lower they might be molded too
  6. SPR400ex853

    Suzuki ltr bumper

    so what do you guys think about the blingstar iron cross bumper on the ltr? if anyone has pics and posts them thatd be cool
  7. SPR400ex853

    Twist or Thumb Throttle

    id stick to the thumb. ive ridden a raptor 660 with twist and it just doesnt feel right after you get used to the thumb. also if you jump and land goofy like on the bars lol your wrist might twist and pin the throttle but idk in the end its all about personal preference i think
  8. SPR400ex853

    Relocating ltr fuel,temp n neutral lights?

    a cool way some people i know did it was by taking the lights outa the plastic piece and drilling holes in the gas take plastic right below the steering stem. when i get bars thats how im doing mine i think it looks pretty slick they dont stand out like putting them on the side of the tank or something
  9. SPR400ex853

    ltr coolant low

    haha yeah glad my story helped all you guys. nerfbars are definitely the best investment for a sport quad without a doubt. id rather spend a couple hundred bucks now then go to the hospital later lol
  10. SPR400ex853

    ltr coolant low

    o yeah mine goes through it pretty slow too...and heres how i messed my leg up lol...the first time i was taking it out since the break in we went to a local track and it was still bone stock. i was just like o yeah i can get away without nerfbars for the first few rides...hahaha...10 laps in i went off this step up and sum dirtbike rut kickd the quad all goofy and when i landed my right foot hit the ground not the peg and i got pulled under the quad. u checked myself out and thought i was fine but then i saw blood just pouring out of my pant leg down my boot...my brake pedal cut a 5 inch long by about 1.5 inch wide gash all the way down to the bone...i got 3 layers off stitches in my leg..33 inside and 15 outside..yeah it sucked lol...sorry for the long story
  11. SPR400ex853

    ltr coolant low

    wait...so your ltr goes through coolant fast too?
  12. SPR400ex853

    ltr coolant low

    hey thanks. when you switched oils what weight did you go with?
  13. SPR400ex853

    Suzuki ltr coolant low

    hey i just bought my ltr in july..brand new..broke it in and all that crap and had the ten hour service done by the dealer. i just noticed the other day that the coolant in the reservior was at the low mark. do i just pull the shroud and make sure theres enough in the radiator then top off the reserviow or what? i probly only have like 8 hours on it since the 10 hour service cuz i messed my leg up and couldnt ride for a month. also the tranny makes this wierd like "wooing" noise when i downshift. anyone know whats up with that?
  14. SPR400ex853

    Honda 400ex smoking

    i have a 2001 400ex and it is smoking really bad. its blue smoke but it doesnt smell like oil, it smells like gas. i just had it rebuilt last summer so i dont think it would be because it needs a rebuild. does anyone know whats wrong and how to fix it?
  15. SPR400ex853

    Honda 450r vs yfz450

    hey i have to write a paper for school explaining why i htink thta the 450r is better than the yfz. can you guys post anytthing about it