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  1. utemachine

    300 xcw vs. 500 xcw

    Fly, I’ve been reading up on the red spring. Why would I want that for tight trails or hill climbs? From what I’ve read it sounds like it makes the bike snappier and less linear in power delivery. I did order one btw.
  2. utemachine

    300 xcw vs. 500 xcw

    Thanks for the input. I need to put a few more rides on it before I decide. It does have vforce reeds already. I guess if I knew I’d have to buy a new carb I would have just paid more and bought the 19 TPI. I did talk to JD Jetting today and they said in the cold temps I should be running the blue needle, not the red needle. I’ll make that change and hopefully the low end sputter and the temporary high idle rev goes away.
  3. utemachine

    300 xcw vs. 500 xcw

    I just bought an 18 300 xcw and I have a 13 500 xcw. (Excuse the messy garage, it’s not normally like this). I’ve only been for one ride on the 300, it was in the desert, and I’m not sure how I feel about the bike. It definitely feels lighter and is easier to ride. I did some hill climbs but I’m failing to see the low end torque and just what makes the 300 the ultimate trail machine. I’m bogging in the bottom end even though I put a JD Jetting Kit in it. Maybe that’s why. I’m going to put more rides on it with varying terrain before I decide which bike to keep. But if I had to choose today I would sell the 300. What am I missing about the legendary 300?
  4. utemachine

    2018 300 XC-W, is this a good deal?

    I picked it up tonight for $8250 out the door. It might have two rides on it.
  5. utemachine

    2018 300 XC-W, is this a good deal?

    It’s an hour away so we negotiated over the phone. I’m going to check it out tomorrow. It will be $8250 otd and not 5 miles, rather 5 hours. I talked to another dealer who has the same bike with 750 miles on it and he said he can’t get to the same price. He told me to go jump on the other dealer’s deal and not let it get away. I’ve got to say though. For $2k more I’m tempted to get the 19 TPI.
  6. utemachine

    2018 300 XC-W, is this a good deal?

    Ha ha! Those Cougars are pretty harmless.
  7. I am looking at a 2018 300 XC-W with 5 miles on it that a guy just traded in because he doesn’t like the 300. I got the dealer down to $7800 + tax, lic. Is this a good deal? Based upon all the 17-18 300’s for sale right now across a few states this seems like a good price.
  8. utemachine

    kx65 High Altitude Jetting

    Hi, I need some help with jetting my sons 2006 Kx65 with the Mikuni carb to Colorado altitude. It's running really rich at 42:1 and after researching I found that you want to run 32:1 and lean it out through the jets. Here are the current settings: Altitude: 6000 feet Main Jet: 190 Jet Needle: O-0 Jet Pilot: 52 Needle: Top clip
  9. utemachine

    Adding headlight to XC-F

    If I ran an led bulb would it still need a new stator? I would only run a headlight not a taillight.
  10. I just bought this and I'm replacing the rear fender. Where do I buy the white backgrounds on the fender and airbox? I can only find ones with graphics.
  11. I just bought my second KTM, a 2009 450 xc-f. I want to add the headlight and wondering what I need to do. It has a high/low switch on the bars I assume is for the potential light. I read somewhere I need to buy a moose harness and make sure the bulb is led. Any guidance for me?
  12. utemachine

    Gearing a kx65 for the woods

    Thanks for the input. I am going to order the 10oz steahly. Did that make a big impact for yours?
  13. utemachine

    Gearing a kx65 for the woods

    Wouldn't going down in the front AND going up in the back be too much? Should I do one or the other or both?
  14. utemachine

    Gearing a kx65 for the woods

    We ride mostly in the woods and I'm looking for some gearing advice. On a lot of the tight trails and up hill climbs my little guy climbs them in first gear and mostly outside of the power band. I need to gear this thing lower so that when he climbs in first it doesn't lug as much. Should I simply drop one tooth on the front sprocket? New rear sprocket and go up two teeth? What are your thoughts and experience?