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  1. ac717

    Top end rebuild

    You really believe a lizard got inside your engine,blocked the oil and locked up the engine? A snake was in your engine and he is about to get in your wallet.
  2. ac717

    Top end rebuild

    I’d take pictures, written statement and go to small claims court. Sorry, but mechanics had no reason to be riding the bike. Even if he was testing after chain/sprocket and brake install, the damage occurred during his operation. Saying that it could have happened while owner had it is an opinion. Stick to facts, pay for what it was originally there for and go to local DJ and get your money for the damage. You could even claim any fees incurred due to loss of the bike for trip. Either way-I would not pay a penny towards the engine damage. That was on the mechanic and he is liable.
  3. I use a clear 3 ring binder paper holder/protector. Cut it in half/one sheet, grease it and use it as a sleeve to slide past threads. It’s thin,clean and cheap.
  4. ac717

    OEM Bearing cross reference

    Measure bearing with caliper and give dimensions to bearing place. I cannot think of a single proprietary bearing on a dirtbike, but anything is possible.Most have a number on the side of the race. All balls has a crossover chart on their site also.
  5. ac717

    Showa 47 set up on Beta 300

    Also, measure float on midvalve with feeler gauges with check spring removed to verify float. Also simple math on float calculation Example:post height (2mm)-piston recess(1mm)=1mm- stack height (.8mm)=.2mm float. I check it both ways. If off by .1 on each measurement you can effectively have a float difference of as much as +/- .4mm. With a float of say .2mm,, someone may actually end up with clamped mid. I have done it myself and have seen others do it and will greatly change the behavior of the fork.
  6. ac717

    Showa 47 set up on Beta 300

    Ok. That’s 05 rm125 fork by the looks of it. Personally, I’d put the low speed stack back in. Your original stack is stiff base with light mid. I personally wouldn’t run it for enduro,but that’s me. Where I live it would cause a lot of deflection on rocks and with the low speed stack missing would drop the front end. Make it feel soft yet harsh at same time.I feel you have enough information here to make some changes and try out some different settings. Rm125 has 1.1 or 1.2 ICS springs. For enduro they should be ok. The oem fork springs on the rm125 are .40 or .42 I personally prefer to run a rate heavier spring and, lighter compression and a stiffer rebound. After looking at my current setting I agree with clicked on the base valve face shims.Not sure id go 16 but at least 14 and I’d have a 30 after crossover if used. Base clamp I’m using a 20. Mid-lots if variables with what I had posted prior.
  7. ac717

    Showa 47 set up on Beta 300

    It is unclear what this fork is from. What pistons? Low speed valve? The base valve is definitely not an 04 rm125. I have an 04 RM125 and it has the smaller base valve and no low speed valve. 05-up I’m pretty sure do. The bottoming system is different between the years also. Earlier have a steel tube on the outside. If it doesn’t have a low speed stack or removed, I could see more low speed damping necessary. What fork is your baseline data referring to? Not sure we are discussing the same fork.
  8. ac717

    Showa 47 set up on Beta 300

    Forget restacker. Good theory but there are tons of proven stacks. The original stack you posted are not from an 04 RM125- so not sure what fork this is off of. 30mm base it’s an 05-up Suzuki. Pistons oem? I would run 12-30.1 face shims on base valve with what you have listed above. 28,26,24,20,etc. Might want to put the original 21 crossover in after 8 of 30.1 face shims. This will make it softer give it some feel. You didn’t list low speed stack so I’m assuming doesn’t have it. midvalve: 3-20.1 17.1 16.1 14.1 12.1 .3 float if rebounding too fast- add another face shim on rebound. Too soft on compression-can tighten float to .2mm if dropping too far into stroke or pull the 12 shim or add a face shim of too reactive. Start oil height at 320cc and add 10cc until you feel comfortable. i have ran this setup on Suzuki and Honda’s. Works very well. Fairly common woods setup. People will say a tapered mid doesn’t work on Showa. To me it makes a huge difference. Also-I’d double check those spring rates-make sure they are correct for your weight. Watch out for aftermarket bushings and seals. Cheapies make those forks have serious stiction issues.
  9. ac717

    Shock spring weight

    I have found measuring OD, coil thickness and length to be accurate within .1kg but you have to be precise when measuring. In the end it simple as...it either works or doesn’t work. You can measure, send it to NASA to be analyzed yet still not like it. I have bikes that I run a couple rates heavier spring than recommended and some that are less than recommended. I’d measure it-if in the ballpark of kg based on measurement-try it and decide from there.
  10. ac717

    05 crf450 front wheel washout

    I should clarify-I am running stock bleed stack. However, I did try the bleed stack flipped and with the setting I had-I liked it. I tried a bunch of different things this time around to get the bike to turn they way I like. Off memory I’m running stacks similar to shawnMC but I’m using 1.9 ICS. Forks are still ok but not the greatest, however it does turn well. The shock settting ShawnMC and others use is very good. Very controlled/planted serting. Front tire choice is definitely a big part with these bikes. Little lighter ICS and soccer high speed in forks,Stronger front brake and stiffer rebound stack in forks helped most to get the bike to turn the way I like. Fork still rides high and then drops more than I’d like and that’s with .2mm float. It’s not bad though and on a more open track it’s not even an issue. Tighter tracks with hard lack 90 degree turns is my current issue if I had to complain, but it’s 90% to where I like it. With my 05 I never found a setting I liked
  11. ac717

    05 crf450 front wheel washout

    Well, been about 9 years since my original post. 05 crf450r has been gone for about the same amount of time. I picked up an 08 crf450r 2 months ago. Guess what-experienced same problem! Front is harsh, vague and tracks poorly. Doesn’t settle in turns. Long story short-found my solution! 1.9 ICS,Flipped bleed stack, lighter on the base and mid, 385cc oil in the fork. Shock-lightened low speed stack slightly and high speed odd shims removed,FC HS spring. Upgrade front brake. That’s it...suffered all those years and spent tons of money on that 05. Reading back I was amazed at all the bizarre comments. Weird. I should mention that the shock and fork on the 08 appear to be 07 units. They were never opened up and had 30mm base valve and shock/fork had 07 stacks. So very much like the 05 I had issues with. I still ride/prefer 2 strokes and it may effect my 4 stroke setup.In this time I have owned several 4 strokes and never had the handling issues I experienced with the crf. I really liked an 11 rmz450 I had, so between the setup I had on that and tips and stacks posted here, I was able to find the right setting. What I can’t get is people steering away from flipping bleed stacks,softer ICS or different stacks. Good to try different things when they are all variable to tuning. For me, flipping bleed stack and running a slightly softer ICS made the biggest improvement. It’s doesn’t make the fork mush. It doesn’t dive unexpectedly, yet some state that. I do like this crf450 for mx practice.I bought the bike as a project/challenge and glad I did. I learned a lot from previous issues and it will definitely help me with future bike setup since this was the one bike I owned that I couldn’t make work for me at the time. Now-it’s one of my favorite bikes!
  12. ac717

    Trying to find 2007 RM250 Intake Boot

    If you are looking for the reed valve carb boot-YES yz250 is the same. Suzuki went to a shorter reed side intake boot in 06 and added a spacer. It's identical to the yz250. I know because it's what I bought when I had my 05 rm250.
  13. ac717

    Have you seen this? The 2018 RM????

    Pretty sure it's just a conversion. There small things that give away that it's an AF conversion. Tabs for the shrouds,cast mount for 4 stroke exhaust, relocsted radiator brackets. Suzuki is dumb for not making it reality. I'd buy one.
  14. ac717

    RaceTech Gold Valve Questions -2016 Rmz450

    Here is an App to help with air settings. https://www.showa1.com/en/technology/motorcycle/sff-air_support.html
  15. ac717

    Thumpstar 250 2 stroke?

    Any word on Thumpstar making a 250cc 2 stroke MX bike?