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  1. Eddie...I have had enough of u keep insulting my posts. How about I insult you. Why dont you take your fat face out of my post. Change your avatar mr double chin.............Please ban me from TT....You know I will be back....I always am...
  2. 1 is F.I.M approved. 2 are road legal. The other one is for motocross...and of course u can run it with nothing it which is loud....Its a quality silencer...makes the bike run and breather really good..would reccommend it over the NOISEY YOSH
  3. I wouldnt bother with addons. Id rather know that my bike is covered if it were to blow up on me
  4. Purchased one today..Man what a excellent pipe this is!! it comes with 4 yes 4 inserts for different noise levels. you also get a spark arrester and the pipe is E marked, and road legal....ITS A TOP PIPE and I only piad £200 for it....it sounds bloody awesome!!
  5. If I were you id get an extended warranty. Its nice to have some sort of come back if it does blow up!
  6. I have just ordered the new Lero Vince silencer...they are really cool....you get 3 inserts they are fully road legal.....forget yoshi..the Leo vicne dyno print out is impressive
  7. It sounds bloody awful!! I am taking it off...Anyone wanna buy it?
  8. Anyone else had this problem?? I have put a carbon firebre skid plate on my drx and it has completely changed how the bike sounds!! the engine now sound really noisey!!! Anyone else had this prob??
  9. It depends on where you take it
  10. Just a quick one. When i pull my front brake lever in I can feel the forks go down a little way it and the back of the bike lifts up a little.. The forks feel like they are snapping down. Is this right or is somthing a miss??
  11. How full is full? and its vibrating inside the engine....I have a ACCT. the MCCT did not make any differents when i fitted it. I took it off for warranty reasons
  12. My engine noise it getting loud now...Took my bike on a track day and couldnt help noitce the high pitch metal hitting metal vibrating noise at high revs....Is there a cure for this??? oh I have a 2006 DRZ400SM
  13. Not a fan of arrow. I bought one and it didnt look very nice...too big and fan...Anyway to answer your question..It will NOT mount onto an E model..They make them to mount onto the SM rear pillion footpeg.You would need and S subframe...Not worth the hassle if you ask me..
  14. did you buy this in the end? did it fit?
  15. Has anyone ever uses one of these?? they sell them here www.mxbits.com
  16. Neil I looked at the scorpion but someone told me I couldnt use my stock heat shield...I might try the wire wool trick as suggested above...I just like the fact my pipe is a Yoshi....I will have it loud in the summer... I was going to use exhaust packing...but I think wire wool will do the job
  17. Its too loud becuase I leave for work at 6am and live in a very quite culd-d-sac...so I wake the who road up......I was thinking of sealing the spark arestor holes up and cutting the end of the tube off to create a smaller bore
  18. I have posted picture below...Mine came with what I am holding in my hand..Thats all...Can I do anything with that to make it quiter?? and like I say I dont care about performance..
  19. anyone able to help?? I can post a pic if needed
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