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  1. mxbundy2

    seat concept seat

    It is NOT taller than the stock seat unless your order the tall version. We have a low, standard and tall 250L seat. Bundy
  2. mxbundy2

    CRF450L Accessory Shopping List

    Yes, from 2017 on, all the seats for the 450 interchange. Bundy
  3. mxbundy2

    CRF450L Accessory Shopping List

    Ha, if it was that easy. We get our seat covers from 3 different vendors to spread the load and they still can't keep up. Another issue is the volume, we build and ship on average 2500 seats per month and that number is growing. Each foam needs to cure in the mold for approximately 20 minutes. We just bought the building next door to bring our total square footage up to 16000 sq ft. We realize that time is money and are making strides to get the lead times down. But at the same time demand is off the charts. Bundy
  4. mxbundy2

    Seat Concepts review KLX250S

    I would like to defend that low seat ( I own Seatconcepts). Low seats and especially that Husky one are very thin, and as such the foam has to be fairly stiff or you would feel the seat pan when sitting which would be even worse. Had you talked to us about the purchase we would have recommended the standard height seat which is a much more comfortable ride, even better than the Guts seat. We always ask customers what is more important, reach to the ground or comfort and try and steer them in the right direction, but since you bought the bike with it already installed, we missed that valuable chance to have given you the best service. Thanks Bundy
  5. On your first point, we will add the reference to the TPI bikes, no worries. On your second, there is no issue with the Husky seat, the bikes are totally different in regards to the seat base so no fitment issues. The referenced quote up above is correct on the KTM seats, it only affects the TPI models. Bundy
  6. Hey guys, all of our seats ( Seatconcepts) for the 16-18 Husky`s will work on the 300TPI, the Husky seat base did not change. The fitment issue we have is with the 300 TPI KTM, we DO HAVE seat foam and covers in all of our different shapes and sizes to fit, we DO NOT have complete seats for the KTM TPI because of the slightly different seat base. This is all explained on our website. Thanks Bundy
  7. mxbundy2

    New Snake Pit Movie The Razors revenge 1

    Where is the Worm ???
  8. mxbundy2

    CRF450X Race motor for Baja

    Well I can tell you what I spent on our 2015 Baja 1000 winning and class 40 championship bike! We started with a clean used 06 ( still had the stock back tire on it ) that I picked up for 2500.00 , even was street plated in AZ ! The bike was raced the entire series, so before last years 250 we had Brian Pinnard go through the motor. We installed a new top end and a 02 450F cam and TRX450 valves. 3rd gear was replaced and everything was gone over with a fine tooth comb . The clutch was replaced with new Honda parts. Brian is a disciple of Bruce Olgilve who steadfastly believed that OEM Honda parts where and are the best parts. The only aftermarket parts engine wise was a billet clutch cover and FMF full system. Bike was raced at the 250 ( 6th place after some tire troubles ) and the Baja Sur 500 where we got 2nd. Bike got a new top end before the Imperial Valley 250 where we got 2nd in class 40 and 2nd overall !! Tore the bike down again for the 500. Nothing was found amiss but a new top end was installed anyway, we went out and got 2nd in class. So before the 1000 we went through the motor again, new top end, new crank, new clutch, everything inspected! Valves still in spec !!! Now at the 1000 we kicked some ass and won by 1.5 hours !! Ended the season with the class 40 championship earning the 400X plate, overall motorcycle championship by 1 point ( sorry OX- Motorsports ! ) and 1 of only 2 teams to finish every race mile of every event! And all of this on a very stock motorcycle !! With just the cam / valves and exhaust it tops out at 98 mph, more than fast enough for our old asses ! The moral of the story is, you DO NOT need fire breathing horse power, but instead need a bike that is gonna see you to the finish ! So I would just make damn sure you bike is MECHANICALLY sound and not worry to much about go fast parts. Spend the extra money if you have it on a professional that knows Baja to build the bike. If your bike has a lot of time on it then I would replace pretty much everything. Top end, no matter what ( always replace the timing chain ) and crank for sure. New clutch pack is probably a good idea. Split the cases and check that 3 rd gear, known weakness ! The cost of the necessary parts is probably gonna be in the 1000-1200 range and then labor. Bundy
  9. About 1 1/2 inch`s more Bundy
  10. This only apply`s to the 04-07 models. Bundy
  11. I am one of the owners of Seatconcepts and this is most certainly incorrect. We make the foam in multiple densities depending on the application. If you can, please reply to the email that was sent to you so I can take a look at it ! Thanks
  12. mxbundy2

    Softer seat options for EXC

    The price of a complete seat for EXC KTM`s is $254.99......
  13. mxbundy2

    Mods for Snowshoe GNCC?

    Yes, just talked to my friend who lives in CO. he said the trails tire is miserable in the mud? I do have skid plate, pipe guard all carbon fiber. Billet radiator guards. I have the tubeless system and was planning 10psi front and 8psi rear, thoughts? I ran the WV round which was pretty rocky, on my 450 and it was awful, had Bib Mouses and it felt like the tires where rocks!! Thanks Guys
  14. mxbundy2

    Mods for Snowshoe GNCC?

    300XC-W and the Snowshoe GNCC ? Hey guys, I am driving out from Socal to race the Snowshoe! I have a 08-300 with the basic mods ( Rekluse, damper, bars hand guards, etc.). Can any one recommend any specific mods for this event I should be doing? Tire choice? I am running tubeless with Dunlop 81 on back and 62 on the front. Thanks Bundy
  15. mxbundy2

    Low seat

    B, Did you not look at the SC website??? http://seatconcepts.com/products#!/Yamaha-WR450F-2012-15-*LOW*/p/43195429/category=1671359 Bundy