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  1. fivepointnine

    Cross Fit For Enduro

    couple points. static stretching before a workout actually weakens your muscles, you should aim for active stretching prior to a workout, while trying to avoid the ballistic movements. next point...burpees...yes they are a good body weight exercise, BUT not many people can do more than just a few with GOOD form, so saying you have to do 100 a day is just asking for issues. Aim for as many as you can do while maintaining that perfect form, which brings me to another point I want to bring up...kipping on pullups..please, if you cant do a good form, dead hang pullup, use resistance bands to help you up, use a spotter to assist, use the pullup machine, ANYTHING to help with proper form.
  2. fivepointnine

    2009 KX250F value

    ha, too bad you are not closer to me, Im selling my 12 right at your price too!
  3. fivepointnine

    trying to sell my '12, what am I doing wrong?

    I guess Ill just be patient then lol.
  4. Here is a link to my ad http://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/mcy/4049779084.html. What do you selling pro's suggest? I feel the price is right, maybe even a little low, but I am having very little interest in it.
  5. fivepointnine

    Cross Fit For Enduro

    wow I struck a nerve. I have done crossfit quite a bit. It works fine if you use it as a phase of your exercise program. It wont work worth a crap if that is all you do for a workout. May I ask what your background in muscle physiology/sports science is?
  6. fivepointnine

    13 kx250f wont idle, dies out shortly after starting

    Have you triple checked your valve clearance and timing, including your cam chain tensioner? It does not sound like a TPS issue. Double check your filter and air intake track?
  7. fivepointnine

    Cross Fit For Enduro

    Problem with crossfit is there is no progression to the program, it is effective in short cycles, but continued use will lead to overtraining and possible injuries. You can look at it another way, Olympic lifters train their entire lives to master their lifts, crossfit involves Olympic lifts doing them as many times as you can as fast as you can with 0 training from a professional Olympic lifting coach. Enough said on that.
  8. fivepointnine

    2009 KX250F value

    if you are going to ask 3400 for an 07, I guess I need to actually up the price of my '12, I might not be getting calls because people might think something is up with it being so cheap? Heck I just priced it to move!
  9. fivepointnine

    2009 KX250F value

    I almost had my '12 traded last night for a 05 KX250 that is in the shop now having a fresh top and bottom end, but we could not come together on how much cash on top of his bike, we ended up $500 apart. Oh well. For my bike being the lowest priced '12 on craigslist in the NW I sure have had a surprising lack of calls.
  10. fivepointnine

    2012 Kx250f high idle

    Just like Dragon said, check the throttle cable for any binding and check your idle adjustment knob, probably need to crank it down a few notches
  11. fivepointnine

    How do you know when it is time?

    I wish there were more tracks/jumps like the one pictured below, (a track in NE Georgia that closed down a couple years ago) The jump pictured had a gap at the bottom of the hill, easy 3rd gear low to mid throttle to make the gap onto the table portion, to clear the table portion is about 95' and I was 4th gear 3/4 throttle on a YZ250 when I finally worked up to clearing it. The jump has plenty of run up and a table at the beginning of the straight that if you clear, you have the correct speed to safely make this one. This track have very few doubles, and the ones it did have were rolling and safe if you cased them.
  12. fivepointnine

    How do you know when it is time?

    DT looks to be a solid A class rider though, most of us are not, I would say A class riders make up 10% of the riding public. Do we build the tracks to the 10% level or 90% level is the question. Little story...back in GA we used to have a really run, safe AX style track built on the infield of a dirt oval, lit even and it was awesome. 2 jumps that were 65', but one of them was a step up table style with a massive landing, the other was a full on AX catapult, but still had a rounded, long landing. The track was fun for everyone, races had a huge turnout. Well somehow the guy that ran the track got into a pissing match with the owner and lost the lease, another guy took over. Totally rebuilt the track and advertised it as a pro level SX track. I mean this track was stupid, every landing was a sharp peak, even the tables had the shortest landings ever. Only the A class riders were able to do the obstacles, the B and C class riders rolled 90% of the stuff. Every single night they were open there were no less than 2 ambulance rides away. They were forced to shut down after about 3 weeks. My friend, who was a solid B class rider broke both his wrists when he came up 2' short on a triple!
  13. fivepointnine

    Ryno power supplements

    I redacted my statement lol
  14. fivepointnine

    2009 KX250F value

    damn...I advertised my '12 for 4k and have only received 1 call! I wish I was in a better area of the country for selling bikes. Trying to get the funds to get a '14!