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  1. kawirider6080

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Anyone trying to help a college kid out for a winter teardown?
  2. Alright, you all probably get this constantly but I'm debating converting a 450sxf into a supermoto that I'd use for transportation. Right now I have a 2009 ktm 250 xc that I love but I'm not sure if it would make sense to turn it into a supermoto bike. For this reason, I am considering trading it for the 450. Would it make more sense to turn the 2 stroke into a supermoto bike? Also, how difficult is it to register one of these bikes to be street legal. This would be my primary source of transportation because I dont have a car and I would only use it during the summer when im back from college. Any help would be appreciated
  3. kawirider6080

    2010 Idaho City 100/RacerX Film Fest

    Awesome video! Really made me itch to ride. Only 1 more month till I can race again hopefully!
  4. Don't do it! I wore them one race and got the worst arm pump of my life. I thought they would be perfect but I guess they cut off too much circulation to my arms.
  5. kawirider6080

    why do you like 2 strokes

    I've been riding two strokes all my life so I guess I'm just used to them. I do like four strokes, but I can't imagine racing them in the woods. I almost bought a 250 xcf-w a few months back but I just couldn't get comfortable trying to keep the rpm's up at all times in the tight trail. I like being able to hammer down on the throttle and get going real quick with a few short-shifts
  6. $115 an hour?!?! and a full hours work to throw on one tire?? Thats crazy!! My local dealership charges $75 an hour and they do each wheel for $20. Makes me wonder what other dealerships are charging
  7. kawirider6080

    Do your parents let you ride alone?

    I don't want to beat a dead horse but don't ride alone. I just recently crashed and broke my collarbone (the most commonly broken bone in the human body). If I had been alone, I would have been in big trouble. Right when I broke it I got very disoriented and could barely walk. It's made me nervous to even ride with just a friend. I was lucky enough to be at a race with paramedics available to me immediately, a guy to ride my bike back, and a kid to load my stuff up. Wish I knew who those people were though, I can't thank them enough!
  8. kawirider6080

    350sxf offroad

    I'm also very curious about this. I was thinking about eventually adding one to my garage. It honestly sounds like the perfect engine displacement for the woods.
  9. kawirider6080

    Standing Vs Sitting

    Lately as I've started to ride faster, I've found myself standing as often as I possibly can. When I'm not standing, in corners and in tight sections, I find myself putting all my weight on my pegs and trying to lift myself off of my seat. If I sit down, my suspension throws me around like crazy and throws off any kind of rythem I'm trying to carry through the trail. Also, I stand because I am prone to monkey butt, so the less time I spend on the seat the more I am thanking myself later
  10. kawirider6080

    broken left clavical recovery time

    I just broke my left clavical today. There goes my riding for the rest of the summer
  11. kawirider6080

    Buying a used Rear Spring

    I was just on ebay searching for the spring i need and someone is selling the exact spring I'm looking for. Would it be alright to throw a used spring on the bike if I'm getting it revalved by factory connection or should i just have them throw a new one in the there for like 70 bucks more? Thanks
  12. kawirider6080

    Rank Your Favorite Off-Road Motorcycle!

    I ride a 250 xc and that thing is sweet, but i wish it had a taller 6th gear sometimes. my next bike is gonna be a 350 sxf, that thing will hopefully be a threat in the woods
  13. kawirider6080

    Post Your Workout!

    My workout isn't just based towards harescrambles but its doing wonders. Monday: 9:00 to 11:00: Sports Performance training -Includes agility, weight lifting, and power circuits. (shuffles, ab work, squats, power cleans, db's, ect.) 5:30 to 7:00: Captains practice for cross country -Usually around a 8 to 10 mile run Tuesday: Rest, very necessary after yesterday Wednesday: 9:00 to 11:00: Sports performance again 6:30 to 8:00: Captains practice for cross country (5 mile tempo run) Thursday: 5:30 to 7:00: Cross country: 7-9 miles Friday: 9:00 to 11:00: Sports Performance: Mostly lactic acid stuff today with weight training Saturday: 8:00 to 10:00: Cross country practice 11 miles Sunday: RACE DAY or a ride I just started this schedule like 2 weeks ago and ive dropped 8 lbs and gained a ton of muscle. Its intense to say the least
  14. kawirider6080

    athena 144 big bore kit?

    I put a 144 kit in my yz and id only reccomend you do it if your ready to drop a lot more than 700 into the bike. Aside from just putting on the cylinder you have to shave the cases so the piston skirt clears. Which involved splitting the cases (unless you can seal up the bottom end really well...) All I can say is, after dealing with all the stuff from my 144 kit, I will never do it again
  15. ^^ Any help would be greatly appreciated