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  1. You should move this to the EXC forum
  2. dirtydrew

    2017 450 Cold Starting

    Lithium Ion/ Iron Phosphate batteries need to be warmed before starting. Push the yellow 'choke' button up. Tap starter until you hear fuel pump. Wait for it to go off, wait 30 seconds, crank for 5 seconds. If it doesn't start, wait 30 more second and crank for 5. Repeat until started.
  3. Look at the front of the case behind the skid plate. Not the bottom of the case. There are three tiny plugs that cap oil passages. These are not the oil drains or oil pressure cap/ spring assembly. I placed a little epoxy over one last week and it has not leaked again.
  4. It doesn't, I'm just worried about messing the screw in plug up while trying to take the pressed in cap off the top of it
  5. I've got the bolt and it's definitely a little torx head plug, but it did not include the anti tamper cap/ plug. I put some epoxy putty over it for now. Haven't ridden it yet, but if that stops the leak I'll probably just call it done. Sucks to have that epoxy crap on a newish bike though, kinda hokey
  6. I think that is the larger Allen head plug with copper sealing washer on the bottom of the case for the oil pressure regulator
  7. So I ordered the plug based on the parts fiche. It is a threaded plug with a torx head on it. It seems the screw in plug had some type of anti tamper plug pressed in over it. Should I drill it out and then unscrew the plug and re-seal? I already pushed some epoxy putty into the recess to try to seal it for the time being. But would like to fix it properly.
  8. Thanks for that article. Seems to be a very similar issue, the plug on the 450 appears to be an oil passage plug as well. But it is definitely no threaded on the head. I'll probably just epoxy over it
  9. Is this a blow put passage for the connecting rod bearing?
  10. Upon further inspection, that plug does not have and Allen head and appears to be pressed in
  11. Thanks for the reply. This is not a drain bolt, it's a tiny Allen headed plug, probably 4mm thread. The parts fiche shows three like plugs in the lower case halves. Not to be removed though?
  12. Picked up a 16 450xcf last weekend. Rode it a few hours today and noticed a leak from the countershaft seal as well as this small plug on the bottom front portion of the clutch side engine case. What is this plug for? Can I remove, re-seal and reinstall without disrupting anything on the inside of the motor? ( no spring or silly thing to shoot out if I remove the plug?) Thanks guys
  13. dirtydrew

    500 xcf-w ca plated?

    What is the eighth digit in your VIN?
  14. dirtydrew

    500 xcf-w ca plated?

    I'm assuming you mean going to a AAA office or someone of the likes who handles DMV transactions?
  15. Wondering what the possibility of plating an xcfw is in California. Looking at a bike that is currently played in Nevada. What do you need to do to get a plate in ca?