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  1. nosnow

    knee braces

    thanx ,i`ll check into it. local dealer gives me a good deal too. so i`ll ask them too.
  2. nosnow

    knee braces

    thanx, i did check out a pair of evs web braces but the sizes just do`nt seeem to fit good. and i do`nt like the velcro straps. the asterisk looks better but no one stocks them around here and there is a re-stocking fee if you order off line.
  3. nosnow

    knee braces

    thanx, were the sizes right on or did you find running big or small? did you try any other brace? thanks again.
  4. nosnow

    knee braces

    anyone here use asterisk braces? how do you like them?
  5. nosnow

    3rd Vid - PIR Motorcoss (Portland, OR)

    Your Good! but think it`s time to move up a class. nice job.
  6. nosnow

    lower radiator

    did a google search,nothin. prolly only somethin ya get fer jap bikes.
  7. anybody hear/know of any brackets to lower your radiators? thanx
  8. nosnow

    Honda CRF450 vs KTM 450sx/xc

    both good bikes, but the ktm comes with good bars , hyd. clutch, good chain. to start with.
  9. nosnow

    Just Got My '08 SXF450

    ktm hard parts has suspension that`ll work for ya , i think the complete forks are 2,900.00 complete rear shock is 1,900.00 ? i think dirt rider mag tested the stuff and said something like, amazing could`nt find no problems or complaints at any level rider. other than price! but
  10. nosnow

    08 450 SX vs. 07 450 SX

    i beleive the 07 has a closed cartridge fork and the 08 has a open cartridge fork
  11. nosnow

    missing gears!

    moved the shifter down 0ne tooth, now its difficult to get the foot under the shifter somtimes bumb it in neutral doin so, gonna get a longer shifter now
  12. nosnow

    missing gears!

    yup think i`m tryin to shiftbefore cluth is in ,
  13. nosnow

    missing gears!

    mine seems tight, it is level with the shifter. i have moved it before only for a few laps felt really awkard then moved it back , think i`m gonna hrfta move it and give it a couple days. just sucks itin neutral outa of a corner up shifting.
  14. nosnow

    missing gears!

    i`ll give that a shot ,i was thinkin the same thing. and prolly some practice