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  1. SFDemo

    New Riders in Central Ohio?

    If you can find some time, B-Mac from ADVrider (Adventures in Ohio thread) knows all the dual sport dirt and gravel roads. He is setting up a run on Oct 27th from Bremen 170+ miles. I'd be going but will be out of town still. We rode last time (V-Strom, Tiger XC and WR250R) and had a hoot.
  2. I have two sets of Aerostich, one Roadcrafter 2 piece and a Darien set. Both are fantastic! I am selling my Roadcrafter (I got a little too fat). I like the Aerostich as I can layer as needed, to include fleece and heated gear (I kept my Gerbing set when I sold the touring bike (pants, jacket, gloves). I use Firstgear boots (waterproof, look like the Aerostich Combat Touring Boot) for street/mild off road ($64); Fly or Alpine Stars for more serious off road, with Gortex sock liners if I suspect a really wet day. I got an MSR jacket from Iron Pony (waterproof/vented, unlined, with armor) for $129 with a Shiro Dual Sport Helmet. Works nice, too vented a helmet for cold days. I have a set of offroad Gortex riding pants (OTB)/jacket (I can't the pant brand, maybe from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, MSR Pak Jacket) for serious off road wet days. I wear several helmets and glove sets, all gathered over the years. For colder days, I wear neck gaiters to seal everything up.
  3. SFDemo

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    I will be watching the racing. I got a ride in on my ADV bike on new years, would love to ride again, but sub zero sucks
  4. SFDemo

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    I've had them for years, not sure where I got them, but used them on my WR400. I will look at the brand and let you know what they are.
  5. I use Ram X mount and Otterbox case, works great
  6. SFDemo

    Help bike isn't starting!

    Drain the fuel, take out air filter, check exhaust pipe and a new spark plug. I also recommend at least draining the fuel bowl before major carb work.
  7. SFDemo

    Tubliss tire choices

    I'm a Midwest rider and installing the Tubliss system on my dual sport KLX450R. I am running the Motoz Tractionator front tire (21") and Mountain Hybrid rear DOT knobbies. I will keep posted with how it works for me. I believe it should be pretty good for my uses and trails. We have a lot of mud and slick trails, not so many rocks (and no cacti). I think the dual air chambers should really make it easy to adjust if necessary. I installed it on my rear 19" Shinko 705 rear street tire also. So far, so good.
  8. At the local Air Force base, there was a Ducati, HD Sportster and Honda ST1200 for sale that weren't there last week. Always someone coming and going. DR-Z's are about the best thing out there for someone on a budget who wants to ride street and off road.
  9. SFDemo

    Squirrly cornering !

    I have two sets of rims. I use Shinko 705's for my "street" tires and Motoz DOT knobbies for offroad (2008 KLX450R). I have used the Metzler tires on my WR400 Yamaha and liked them.
  10. SFDemo

    Brake light switch

    I bought an aftermarket rear bolt with wiring harness for about $20 US to convert my KLX to street duty. Look on eBay.
  11. I recommend signing up for a rider safety course that supplies the bikes and taking a course. You may not be using the clutch correctly and a MSF Basic Rider course will teach proper use of the friction zone and also allow you to ride a different motorcycle. We use a lot of TW200's for the class as they are easy to ride. The Navy will require an endorsement and BRC to be allowed to ride on base anyway. Wait and see where you will be stationed and there are always plenty of bikes for sale on base at a reasonable price, plus you will have a job (and credit)
  12. SFDemo

    Save a thumper

    Check the rectifier/regulator first. That's what will happen. It wouldn't be bad to go along and check all the connections and clean and lube based upon the age of the beast.
  13. And check the swingarm and linkage bearings too, the forces of a bad wheel can cause premature wear (or in this case, just lack of normal maintenance) and need at least inspected and lubed.
  14. I like the BD headlight, but needed it as the one was gone when I got the bike. I would only change if necessary
  15. My brother has a 2006 and installed the Tusk kit. Not as easy or plug and play like some others, but with a little technical ability, it is fine. I used the BD kit on my last two conversions and love how easy everything goes together and works together.