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  1. you might be able to find a few at motorcyclesuperstore.com. thats where i got mine and they had a few to choose from. check it out, you might find sumthing you like.
  2. jetting is not a big deal, i was just curious. i'm a girl trying to mod her bike, so just trying to get good advice from other guys. thanks
  3. did you find it necessary to rejet?
  4. RM 85 forks would work as well.
  5. most likely, if its universal, you should be able to drill holes and fit it in easy. if its bike specific, then check up in the dimensions, it might still work (but you might need to make new holes), you dont want to go to big because the rear end of the fender might hit the frame. hope this helps!
  6. hi guys, i was wondering what your suggestions are on full exhausts. i want to gain some hp, and have good power throughout. my choices are: -pro circuit -big gun -rocket exhaust -bill's pipes -yoshi. what would you pick? and why? i dont want to rejet, but if i have to, i will. thanks! -jane
  7. go for like a blue anodized finish, that would look really sick!
  8. i'm doing a red anodising job on the wheels. it should be okay and last a while
  9. I'm painting my wheels and i need to take out the spokes before i do so. is there any way i can do this with out taking the tire off. if so, how?????? HELPPPPP!!!
  10. the cheapest i have seen for one was around 180 on motorcycle superstore. free shipping! http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/partslist.aspx?Bike=6739&Style=7296
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