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    did you mess up?

    I have to agree with the YZ. No battery and starter, you want your trail bike to be light as can be. I went back after carrying all the extra weight around and it great! These auto decom cams do not need electric start if your a serious rider. And of cousre, opinions vary.
  2. I grew tired of my RFS and got lucky. I found a Brand New 02 YZ250f packed away in a garage and got it for a good price. I owned an 01 WR and the AP was about 3 seconds, did teh BK and it ran great, this bike is about .0003. Is the DOC and BK still the best way to fix an 02 AP squirt? And does the DOC mod wear out he AP diaphragm?
  3. I ride in Easter PA. And I tip the scale at 200lbs.-no gear. I had a 01 WR and went to a KTM RFS after that. Since auto decomp came out, starting a four stroke is easy. I put the 03 cam in my 01. So Im thinking a YZ is the way to go, no battery or starter.
  4. I saw some threads on using a YZ250F as a trail bike, Has anyone done this for east coast rocky terrain with success? The WR is too heavy, Im frustrated with KTM suspension and I believe the 250f has enough power. But has anyone had success? Does the 'top heavy' feel become excessive in the woods? Does it have enough bottom end to become an issue in the rocks?
  5. Put a Auto Dec. cam in my 01 and it worked great. Now Im installing a 04 YZ Cam in a 04 WR and want to make sure nothing has changed. Is it still 12 pins between the marks to go to YZ timing? Any other differences in the 04 model? Thanks
  6. Is there one tall seat foam that works better than others for the KLX300. Im in the market for one and see three available. Does anyone have advice. Im 6'0" tall. And, what is the recomended sag setting for the read shock. Thanks anyone
  7. I recently made the switch to a 03 KTM from the WR. Im not sure if everyone would agree but this is what I found. Overall the bike is better than the Yamaha, but not as strong. After rejetting and the BK mod along with 12-52 gearing, its very close. I ride tight eastern trails, so massive power is not required. I have the option of the HT package, but not just yet. Does anyone agree.
  8. :excuseme:What oil are using in your four strokes?? Do you have to use full synthetic??
  9. :excuseme:I workerd on my bog today and ended up with a 165M, 42P, 2.5 on the FS, #4 on stock needle and 1.5 out on the AP. It no longer stalls if you crack it, but is this the right direction? All stock:for now....
  10. :thumbsup:Ive done all the searches. Looks like the HT package and a 12T cs sprocket. What else? And how about jetting for eastern PA.
  11. I getting a good deal on an 03 leftover. Can anybody give me some insight on how well the bike works in the woods? Greg
  12. gss73

    04 WR250F

    Hey, Did anyone notice the 04's on the Yamaha site. Or is this old news. Anyway, looks like a good year to upgrade to E-Start. Let hear what you think.
  13. Anybody with a YZ seat & Tank combo for my 01WR let me know.
  14. gss73

    Is it True?

    I own a 01 WR250f, I think it is a fantastic woods bike. I have all the free mods along with the 03 cam and an FMF Q. I also own a 00 300EXC. I found this quote on the KTM website and would like to share it with you and see what you think. Maybe because it is in stock form, I dont know. "I forgot to warn you not to buy a WR250. Take a look at what all the AMA guys ride on team Yamaha , YZ250's! That has got to be the most hyped p.o.s. on the market. I tried and hated a 2002 WR250. I was freaked out on the fact that it had little low end followed by a soso mid then it scream like a sewing machine. The kid who ownd it did something to the silencer that made it loud enough to wake the dead!You kinda had to wind it up before it would move where my right wrist movement was instantly transmitted to the forward momentum of my bike,read wheelying over logs." end of Quote..........
  15. Yesterday was the trail test of the famous 03 cam mod completed on my 01 WR. Taking place in Tower City PA. it passed all test including a good collision with a tree, Restarting went very well. Is this mod better than sex.. ...Maybe not, but Close. I do have a miss or hesitation around mid throttle. It is not the dredded bog. A question to the gurus....Do I change the needle clip setting or pilot jet?