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  1. roost812

    Rear excel wheel

    okay so i went and installed a 2.15 black excel wheel. I used the oem spokes and hub. I went with a bridgestone 404 110x80x19. It has the stock gearing and today was the first ride. I love it, no issue with power lose or rubbing. If your thinking about "moving on up" do it you'll be really happy.
  2. roost812

    moving up to a big wheel

    I just bought a 2.15 black excel rear wheel that i will be installing. I will continue using the same hub and spokes though. My question is that i ride "old man style" riding . My bones don't heel well and I need to work come monday. Slow i go but with lots of fun. I ride desert with some technical stuff, fire roads, some hills. I'm not hammering the throttle much, however, i do get on it, 3rd and 4th gear mostly. I'm going to 110x80x19 tire do i need to change the stock gearing to bring up to stock and if so what size should i go to. I like the stock gearing but i hate the smaller size rear wheel, Also what will i be losing or gaining by going to a larger wheel. Thanks guys:thumbsup:
  3. roost812

    '07 crf 250 snapping throttle issue...

    Cool. Thanks guys for all of the advise. This is a the best place for help.....
  4. okay first off, I've been down several months. Now I'm back and fit and ready to ride. I started my bike today and after a couple of kicks it started like normal (old fuel in tank) however, when I snap the throttle full it bogs, but I can slowly increase the throttle to full open and it revs normally. It only bogs when I snap the throttle. What jet is responsible and can it be cleaned or just replace it. Also how difficult is it to clean the carb with out the service manual. Thanks:cheers:
  5. roost812

    loudest dual muffler for a crf250r?

    Dude start by getting a hacksaw and cut the header. You want to leave about a 2" stub out of the head any shorter or longer will effect the decibel levels. Get some axe body wash to wash all the dirt off from working on your pipe and a stick cause your going to need to fight the babes off.
  6. roost812

    Rowher Ride Saturday

    Looks like an awesome ride you guys had and the video clips were great. I noticed that most of the bike are "x" model type bikes and I think that I may have saw a plated bike. The pase looked somewhat on the quick side too. I have a '07 crf 250r w/spark arrst. and ride old-man style. Do you guys think that I'm able to ride and keep up with you guys with my bike and slow pase the next time you plan a ride to rowler.
  7. roost812

    Anyone down for Rowher 15th or 16th??

    I maybe, however, I think that i maybe too slow for you. I ride old-man style cause about mid last year broke my arm while riding now i just take my time. I heard that the terrain out there is rocky?
  8. roost812

    Hour meter wont work!

    What do you mean by grounding the wire? I slipped the end of the wire on the slot at the back of the meter. I used two way tape to secure it to the frame behind the shrould. I left just a bit of wire hanging past the meter. Is this WRONG? Thanks...
  9. roost812

    Hour meter wont work!

    yeah mine too, I have a Dr. D. I wired it to the spark plug wire just before the black rubber boot. Its not reading anything only 0.0 hrs.
  10. roost812

    Athena 280 it has begun

    hey motox1160, i'm about to pull the triger on the 280 kit. can you explain to me about the crower cam and what do you mean about bore. do you mean machine work? thanks...
  11. roost812

    Crankcase Breather Tube

    Can you guys show me with pics or a drawing cause I'm a little bit confused on exactly how to do this mod. and why would I want to plug it. Thanks...
  12. roost812

    Broken arm...

    yeah, i was going about as slow you can go prior to putting your foot down. he said that i was in his lane, however, when asked him as to why he was signaling he did not say anything. i was screaming at him and saying how much of a f@%K he is. there was one person that saw the crash and said the person is a jerk for not stopping..
  13. roost812

    Broken arm...

    went riding this weekend with 9 guys, i knew 4 of them. the lead guy was riding like a bat out of hell, so i decided to ride at my pace and i ended up second to last. the trail was a bit snaky, soon it straightened out and i saw the lead guy coming towards me and signaling with his left hand as if trying to say we need to talk to why we are turning around, so i slowed down and down shifted to first gear and i veered to the left a bit. by the time he was aprox. 5ft away he was coming way too fast and i tried to move to the right but was too late and he barreled through me causing me to flip. i broke my ulna and the radius along with two metacarpal bones. the wrist was hanging down and only my skin was supporting the hand, not to mention the great pain. okay now for my points on how i think this could have been prevented. 1. if you are the lead rider you are responsible to make sure that all riders are together prior to making any change of direction. that all riders are safe and are aware of the the change, then proceed. 2. leave your ego at the door, we all know our riding comfort. some for us have been riding for a long time others may be rookies. we all have the same love of the sport. be patient its not a race its a common bond of brothers. any thoughts...
  14. roost812

    no oil

    Thats sucks. did you recently change the oil or has it been a while? what was the reading at the dip stick prior to riding? how long was the ride after checking the oil level? is there any signs of oil leaks? what about the trans side, is there oil in it? sorry about the questions, just curious, so that we all can learn and try not to have this happen to us. thanks, and good luck. pick up a service manual and see if you can do some work yourself and save some money. what do you have to lose, damage has been done.
  15. roost812

    Loudmouth Intake System

    So all in all, the loudmouth is a good investment right? wont harm your engine, providing you keep the filter clean and oiled, and a better throttle responce, maybe i should invest in one:thumbsup: