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  1. Tony211

    What year has the best suspension?

    My 17 300XC with a re-valve in front and rear is good. I didn't find the stock suspension being 200 lbs the best, especially coming off a Yamaha. It has some harsh points. I am 200lbs and running the 4.6 rear spring as stated in the manual. Sag numbers are good. I demo rode the new 2018's and then my 17 re-valved back to back and it was much better. (this was on a track) I've also ridden the new Xplor 48's on same type of re-valve as mine and they were super smooth. No complaints.
  2. Tony211

    2011 250sx

    I wouldn't be afraid of the proven YZ. I still miss my YZ and I have a 17 300 now.
  3. Tony211

    Reed cage 2017

    You should do a review on them for us. Won't have these until spring.
  4. Tony211

    Electric start to slow

    Mine wouldn't start before in 5 below as well. If it misses while turning over cause it's so cold I'll just kick it. Today it fired right up around 0 or 32F. I've had to lay the Boot to it in 30 below though. Not fun.
  5. Tony211

    Electric start to slow

    Stupid. Use your E start. Even with higher compression my 17 turns over fine.. Even in the cold.
  6. Tony211

    2017 Supercross Phoenix Bench Racing - Rd 4

    Spoke way too early. Season just started..
  7. Tony211

    Need feedback before deciding

    Yup 2016 for sure. Mine has no issues with popping, seats swing arm..
  8. Tony211

    Bike stuck wide open

    When you twist the throttle wide open with the bike shut off, do you hear the slide open in the carb and shut again when you release ? Assuming yes? Could be a lean hang, or an air leak. When I brought my YZ250 to sea level, it would rev to the moon cause it was too lean.
  9. Tony211

    Spring conversion

    I've heard it makes the front end feel more planted but not that noticeable. If you could find a pair of 08 to 12 Kyb as mentioned above, that's the way to go I've heard from many guys.
  10. Tony211

    '16 KX450 - Rear End Bucking Anyone Else?

    Try going to 100mm sag.. My tuner recommended that on my 16 but I also had it revalved. It worked better here than at 105 for me. I'm 200 without gear also
  11. Tony211

    2017 KTM 250XC Oil Recommendations?

    Everyone has there own opinions on this matter. 15w40 Rotella Trans/Clutch. Motorex is good oil also for pre-mix. K2, Yamalube.. Lots are good oils...
  12. Tony211

    2 Stroke Maintenance

    There's lots up here in Canada from what my dealer told me
  13. Tony211

    2014 KX450 whining when hot

    My 2016 started doing this down in the sand dunes. I've never heard it anywhere else. 17 is basically the same bike, but I couldn't answer.
  14. Tony211

    2 Stroke Maintenance

    Good pick, you won't be disappointed.
  15. Tony211

    2017 300 XC W

    Depends what you ride and your skill I think for this. I've never had overheating problems with any of my bikes. My 17 300XC is just fine with no fans.