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  1. racerfmx450

    bleed hole vs.bleed shim on mid Pistons

    bleed shims and holes are very different about the oil flow. In the theory, bleed holes has less effect as soon the shimstack opens because the oil dont flow tru the 90` hole as easy. A bleed shim keeps the shimstack from ckose completely so it doesn't makes a hydraulic effect when the shimstack close.. I am curious how it feels on the big piston psf fork with closed bleedholes and a bleedshim both on comp and reb...
  2. Does anyone know what's the different in feeling with a bleed shim instead the bleed holes on KYB PSF mid Pistons...
  3. Thanks, very good info!! Whats about a shimstack with a xo and preload at the same time? Faceshims Xo Faceshims Preload ring. Hs stack
  4. Thanks, very good info!! Whats about a shimstack with a xo and preload at the same time? Faceshims Xo Faceshims Preload ring. Hs stack
  5. Clicked, i have tested a new cadj. Design on a crf 250/2016 shock. The shock works well with the stock cadj. and stiffer compstack. With the new cadj. The bike feels like a wild horse... Side by side kicking on bracking and acelleration.. No traktion. Feels way to stiff. Do you think i can see what happend on the restackor? I am not sure about the stock design cadj stack. I use 6 ports for the Simulation but i think the shims bend only like a 2 port piston ... Can you tell me how i can compare the stock cadj design with a 4 port piston on the restackor and see what happend?
  6. racerfmx450

    Psf to Showa sff

    If you sell your psf fork please let me Know! Woifal73@gmail.com
  7. racerfmx450

    2015 yamaha yzf450, stock stacks?

    The shock it's very soft . I have a 25mm clamp and 11 faceshims now ... The yzf needs much stiffer valving as other bikes
  8. Sounds interesting. Would you say the stock (EU) shock stack it's n ot as stiff as it seems to be? Stock. 23.3 24.2 26.2 28.2 30.2 32.2 34.2 36.2 38.2 40.2 42.2 44.25 7x So this stack would be ~ 20% stiffer with 14 44.20 faceshims?
  9. try 8-10mm Preload and check your Sag numbers. if you have 102-106 rider sag with 8-10mm preload the spring works good for mx. on the yamaha you need much stiffer springs on the rear compared to other bikes. ( i use a 5,6 ti on the yzf and 5,2 sttel on the crf 450)
  10. Enzo for KYB .. What else..
  11. add the solid base plate to the shimstack! Just like this On the 50mm kyb shock 42x4.5 comp 26x3.5 reb. 9x5 cadj.
  12. racerfmx450

    Fork Axle offset

    It's NOT the same ! Axle offset feels different as clamp offset.
  13. racerfmx450

    Fork Axle offset

    Offset Honda crf 35mm all forks Yamaha yzf 32mm Ktm - 2014 35mm Ktm 2015 32 mm i think
  14. racerfmx450

    4CS stock MX Stacks wanted

    Thanks!! Ok, my current stack.it's very close to the us mx. I need to fix the fork for the first race next weekend..