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  1. holeshot552x

    Longer air filter bolt??

    Is it longer then stock?
  2. holeshot552x

    Longer air filter bolt??

    I've searched this question to no avail, so here goes! When reinstalling the air filter: With the dual type air filters being a little thicker where it meets the airbox intake & also the thickness of the rubber airfilter bolt-hole..I believe the stock bolt is held out further and is barely long enough to reach the female threads for easy installation! As far as these aftermarket Billet air filter bolts go.. Does anyone know if they are actually any longer in overall lenghth?
  3. holeshot552x

    Which Shorai?

    I just used the 14 yesterday for the first time on a 20 mi technical cliff ride in 40 degree weather. Even in very difficult up-hill large rock stalls..It fired right back up everytime in gear with ease.
  4. Does anyone know what kind of benefits you might gain from switching from the 18" rear tire to 19"?? I race Cross Country on a Crf 450x, I am very close to becoming an "A" rider and believe at this point any advantage will help! Thanks! DDNMC.
  5. Hey there..If anyone has ever used Kenda tires before I'd sure like to know what they thought of them, you know.. before I go buy em.
  6. holeshot552x

    Some pics of my single track

    Great pics...btw (by the way) how do you post your pictures on TT. Roost on
  7. holeshot552x

    Leatt Brace is NO GOOD!!!!

    Yea, what he said!
  8. holeshot552x

    Does a 04 header fit on a 02???

    So your saying that the 04 header is way to short, compared to the 02?
  9. holeshot552x

    Does a 04 header fit on a 02???

    Need to find out if a 04 crf 450r header will fit on a 02 crf 450r? or if I can possibly weld an all the way around spiral crack right between the head and the first bend of the pipe??
  10. holeshot552x

    Leatt Brace is NO GOOD!!!!

    the brace reduces neck injury almost in half.. if it took 50-g's to break your neck without it, it would take a 100-g's to break it with it..I think I'll take my chances with it.
  11. holeshot552x

    Adjustments on the Leatt Brace

    I got my Leatt Brace, But haven't worn it yet Due to a broken collar bone:cripple: I was wondering how guys are setting the front and rear height adjustments.. I heard to slam them all the way down cause if to high when going down hill you can't tilt your head back far enough to see beyond your visor. Does anyone know:excuseme: Thanks... Roost on!
  12. holeshot552x

    A Delicate Question Re: Underwear

    I say.. Get over it, you should be consentrating on what's in front of you. Or the things you need practice on, like proper clutching,braking,turning,etc. PS... Long underwear should do the trick.
  13. holeshot552x

    Opening day at my buddy's track

    Yea.. it does look gay, no sand, no ruts, no berms, no bumps, no descent jumps , no whoops, no hills, no thrills, no fun..! I guess I'm just blessed to live right next to Hangtown the pro national track in calif... Roost on!
  14. holeshot552x

    How can I get a stripper out??

    You know another possibility is there is A 1/4" gap between the ends of the pinch clamps, do you think I could cut the bolt there and still somehow get both sides out?