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  1. fastkevin

    2010 Kxf250

    You guys need to look at the big picture. Kawasaki indeed has an FI set up for the 250f. This alone would add $500 to the price of the bike. You'd have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to see the huge financial crisis we're in right now, and on top of that, EVERY motorcycle dealer is pounded with current inventory. Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Harley... EVERYONE. Why would Kawasaki, or anyone for that matter, do something to a bike that's gonna price it out of the reach of what people are gonna be willing to pay? Not only did they keep the carb, they're cutting wayyyyy back on production. My minimum order used to be around 20 mx bikes. This order period it's gonna be 3. Kawasaki will offer 3 mx bikes for 2010. The 250F and 450, and the KX85. Gone will be the 65 and the 100, and don't think for a second they're the only one's reacting this way. It's as serious as it could be. You're gonna see BNG's for the most part from all the manufacturers, and huge production cut-backs. The order(which takes place next week) will be emphasizing dealers taking existing models. Kawi's gonna give a year of free flooring on 'em. Right now with the current incentives, I'm selling 250's for under $5k. That hasn't happened since '05. They're unfortunately gonna take away some of it starting 7/1 to save some money, but nonetheless the market is as bad as it's ever been. For those who don't understand why they're raising prices...with sales decreasing, and the resulting production cut-backs, they've still got to try to make some money. Less bikes rolling out the door= more profit needed on each bike. It'll trickle down to the dealer level as well. That's unfortunately simple economics. They're not being greedy..they're simply trying to stay alive.
  2. fastkevin

    Why do we keep re-electing these people?

    I agree with the one-term idea, except for President. Although this could go both ways.. It's just that I feel the job of President is so important, and there's so few out there that could actually do a good job, and do it without placing their personal agenda up front, it'd be nice if we got a "good one" we could keep him until he dies. Unfortunately, as I wrote, it goes both ways. The left-wing wackos that got Obama elected are undoubtedly powerful enough to get him or someone like him, and all his cronies in the House and Senate, elected again, and again. Unfortunately, we don't live in a democratic society-one that has the populous determine the laws, and issues.. We live in a Republic. We only get to choose the people that determine the laws and the issues. Although I think the framers of the Constitution didn't intend on the ones with the most money and the most influence, writing all the laws to suit them and not their constituents, that's unfortunately what we have. We need serious lobby and campaign reform. We need to make it so the person with the best ideas, and not the biggest war chest, gets elected. We need to make it so the Sierra Club et al. doesn't get to "buy" their candidates, and thus forcing these spineless morons on the rest of us. In the meantime, we need to do whatever we can to ensure the Waxmans and the Boxers of the world stop being elected. I once again ask: Where's the AMA?
  3. So I just read on CN.com, that our very own California Congressmen- Waxman and Boxer, are the ones who actually wrote the bill to ban kids bikes and ATV's. Obviously not only are these two so out of touch with reality, to even remotely think a child would get lead poisoning from these vehicles, they didn't even take the minute amount of time necessary to research whether or not it's even happened before(and obviously it hasn't). They both have plenty of staff that could have found the answer within a few minutes, but they didn't because their motive was not to protect children, but IMO, more to punish the motorcycle industry on behalf of their most-favored lobby. The environmentalists. So the big questions I have is, why the heck do we keep re-electing these poor excuses for our representatives? When they come up for re-election, why doesn't the AMA, and all the other "powerful" motorcycle-rights advocates spend the money on educating Californians on who these people actually are, and the dangers of re-electing them? It's not rocket-science to understand that if these two can write such a ridiculous bill and get it passed into law, they could write an equally ridiculous bill that targets any number of industries that effect a much broader landscape than the motorcycle industry. To add insult to injury, they conceived and wrote this POS in a time when all they should have been doing is concentrating on how they could get us out of the financial mess they helped put us in to. They put the environmentalists and their issues ahead of the needs of the entire country, and for this alone they need to be stopped. Again..why didn't the AMA and the others get ahead of this issue, and try to stop it before it got this far? I'm sure every single Californian, except for the extreme left-wing wackos, would vote these people out of office if they knew what they are capable of doing, and now that they've done it, there's absolutely no excuse why these two should be re-elected. The AMA and the others need to get on this now, and get the information out to all Californians. They need to educate the people on what these two have done, and where their priorities are. Will they do it?
  4. fastkevin

    Who makes the strongest o ring chain?

    You can buy a 520 chain with the tensile strength to drive the rear wheel on a 200+hp Superbike. No matter which chain you buy however, you'll still need to take care of it, and adjust it regularly. If you don't, you'll stretch one spot too much, and end up buying another before you should have.
  5. fastkevin

    KXF450 Gurus Please Help

    I own a Kawasaki dealer, and have never seen ANY KX450 come in with piston pin issues. I speak with other local dealers and Kawi engineers frequently, and none of them have ever mentioned any "problem" either. To this day, the same pin is sold by Kawi. If there was an issue with it, you can dam-well bet they would have superseded it to an "improved" pin.
  6. You protected yourself the best way possible in this circumstance. Too many people think that since they're using pay pal, they're protected. Not true.. Paypal can only get the money back if the idiot is stupid enough to leave the money in the account he used for paypal. If he's doing it on purpose, there's no way in heck that he's gonna leave the money in the account. With a credit card it doesn't matter. As in this case, they charge back the vendor- in this case Paypal, and rightfully so. Paypal charges a fee to use their service. They could and should be more protective of the person sending the money. They wanna make it that easy for people to get scammed, then they need to step up and take responsibility for it. I only use CC's for online and paypal purchases. Amex to be specific. I've found Amex offers the best buyer protection of any credit card company.
  7. fastkevin

    KX450F 2006 valves

    Because of the heavier weight of the SS valves, you would also need to run the appropriate springs.
  8. fastkevin

    yz125 to a 450

    What exactly does this mean?
  9. fastkevin

    Bad cam journals

    Whatever cams went with those journals, you'll need to replace as well. FYI..you can buy a brand-spankin-new head for that thing for around $250. Keep that in mind if/when you find one on e-bay.
  10. fastkevin

    Need your input

    You got a refund, but received them anyway? You now are considering keeping or selling them, but not returning them?
  11. fastkevin

    Thinking of trading my KLX250s for the KX250

    You're right. The 250F has better suspension, more motor, and weighs less.
  12. fastkevin

    traction contol

    "Traction control" is used heavily in "Superbike" racing, and a form of it comes stock on the current ZX-10. It's not what most people think it is, however, and it's job isn't to allow the rider to pin it while leaned over, and forget about the thing ejecting him into orbit. It's main purpose is to save the rear tire for the last few laps of a race, so the rider still has traction. It does this by various means... comparing front and rear wheel speeds to a point, but allowing variance, or using an algorithm to compare the rate of rpm climb to that in "stored" memory. Even in road racing, a certain amount of wheel spin is necessary, and seeing the front and rear tires have different circumferences, when the rider is leaned over, the rpm's climb due to the tire being shorter on it's side. If the TC didn't allow any variance between the two, the thing would cut power at this point, moving weight forward at the absolute wrong time, causing the rider to lose the front and crash. It would also shut off power any time the front wheel left the pavement(which happens a lot over the course of a race). In the best-case scenario, he would lose the ability to accelerate at 100%, costing him time. As I wrote, it's used more to allow the rear tire to stay consistent throughout the course of the race, more than anything else. TC thereby still allows the rider to spin the rear, and he still has to be mindful of how much throttle he gives it. Even with cars, who's TC systems really do shut off power any time it detects different front and rear wheel speeds, it slows them down on the track. Therefore their systems are usually disabled or if possible, shut down during track duty. I don't see TC being beneficial with MX bikes, because you don't suffer traction loss over the course of a race like you do in road racing. Wheel-spin is also used more in mx than road racing, as a lot of riders use it to make drastic steering inputs while cornering. Taking this ability away from the rider, would severely slow down his lap time(s).
  13. fastkevin

    KLX cams

    To get 'em to work? Just bolt them in. If you use their cam gears, you just bolt them on through the single holes, and you got yourself KLX cam timing. Edit: I should make this more clear.. The exhaust cam is the one you'll bolt on because of the auto-decomp release. The intake has the cam gear pressed on already.
  14. fastkevin

    need advice 2001 wr250f to 2006 kx250f?

    Yes.. You can put an OEM system on the bike, or buy an aftermarket one. Motion Pro makes a pretty good one, I use on road racing bikes. Works just like a stock one-allows coolant in when the rad spits it out, and allows it to be sucked back into the rad when it cools. IIRC, the MP is about $40.
  15. fastkevin

    Helmets Cheap

    I just bought a Troy Lee..might even be the same model(mostly green, with some yellow, and some aluminum "look"), for pretty cheap. PM me a pic of it, and I'll see what I can do.