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  1. The man to talk to about fvor is Trackman. He will definetly be able to convince you to try it out:ride:
  2. srv543


    Ya and if you want to get strong EAT! I learned the hard way. Worked out 5 times a week for a whole summer and didnt see results till I started eating alot more and have put on 25 pounds and actually have a 6 pack now. If you have any questions about it you can pm me.
  3. srv543

    help with trade?

    I just emptied it
  4. srv543

    Has anyone ever used ......

    I would try it if I had a paypal account. I dont think they would have paypal as an option if they were gonna screw you over.
  5. srv543

    Has anyone ever used ......

    Well you can buy 2 almost 3 sets for the price of a set from UFO or acerbis.
  6. srv543

    Has anyone ever used ......

    At the top you can change it to US dollars.
  7. srv543

    Has anyone ever used ......

    I really hope there legit. I could get a whole set of white plastics for $45 and graphics for only like another $30!
  8. srv543

    Do you wear a cup ?

    I have used a cup for about 2 years now. It just like anything else you just gotta get used to it. Still hurts though:banghead:
  9. haha I woulda just left it but I couldnt do that if I was trading it. So I took off the rest of the lever and theres this little pipe looking thing with a ball at the end that came out with it. Should I hold onto that? or will a new one come with the new lever? sorry i havent broken or changed any levers before
  10. the funny part is I did that about 2 weeks ago and it still broke it!
  11. 2007 crf250r. Im just tired of the weight and I just want to go back to the fun of 125's. I just have more fun riding them:ride:
  12. damn haha mine was luckly just stock.
  13. Well I was planning on trading my bike tommorow for a 2004 rm125 and some cash, so today I was doing some little cleaning going over everything making sure everything looked good and performed as it should. So I was cleaning a little spot under the front fender and then all off a sudden the bike falls and I see a little metal piece go sliding under my car. so I pick up the bike check the whole side and it turns out it was the front brake lever:foul: So hopefully I can run to the local Honda dealer and pick one up so I can make the trade tommorow. So has anyone else broken a lever in a stupid way like mine?
  14. srv543

    help with trade?

    Wow that bike is absoultly beautiful:thumbsup:. Im definetly still interested. Are the bars the only aftermarket part?