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  1. bwdsrcr450

    Free Mods For CRF250 Owners

    Reading the plug on your four stroke is as accurate as reading brail with your tounge. This isnt your daddy's 2 stroke indeed....
  2. bwdsrcr450

    Any woods riders on 250F's ?

    Colchester here, currently riding an 03 450r, I agree its too much in 50% of our area, In contrast the 250 is not enough in only 10%. going 250f this year.
  3. bwdsrcr450

    crf250r starting concerns

    Hey guys, just looking for some input regarding starting a kick only 4 stroke. Currently I race the B 250 class (KX 250). I am very interested in a 2005 crf 250r but, I am leery about a 4 stroke being reliable for a mass start. I also have an 03 crf 450, and can forget about starting it in gear. I love the 250f but dont want to give up 20 seconds on the start