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    I have a lead one in my KTM right now- and that's what I will stick with. LI has been a PITA!
  2. urnuts


    I also had a few of Joe Turner's TurnTech batteries and had better luck with them, And his service was unreal! Miss him!
  3. urnuts


    I had a bunch of Shorai's.... nothing but problems. And their charger is comical- looks like it was made in a high-school electronics class. I love some of the pluses but there are a LOT of negatives with these batteries. I still feel like the LI batteries are not quite ready for prime time..... I don't know. Also- I'm an off-road guy and I think street people have a different experience. Also- I thought it was "Lithium-Ion" but this article is calling them "Lithium-Iron"........?
  4. Anybody have any experience or suggestions regarding what rear shock the 1980-1982 KDX175 will take? The OEM one is not rebuildable and short of spending $1000 on a custom WORKS one..... kind of SOL. Be nice to be able to swap in a KX shock. I was told that the KX125 shock '81/'82 would fit but I'm having a hard time finding one. Thanks in advance.
  5. urnuts

    Sticking clutch.?

    Just picked up a really nice 1981 KDX175 that is beyond mint. Same issue- clutch pull and actuation (lever and the actuator) is fine but no clutch, really. Bike has been sitting for 30 years. I put gas in it, turned the petcock on (did replace the fuel line) tapped the carb bown, choke on and fired first kick! Settled into a nice bing-bing-bing-bing idle. The tranny fluid looked good after letting a bit weep out of a loosened drain bolt and I sort of figured I was good. The bike was obviously stored properly. But, I wasn't sure what was in there and it certainly wasn't fresh so I did a drain and refill. Do you think the plates will loosen on their own? That has to be the issue- 30 years? Took this last night at 6:00
  6. urnuts

    Kurt Caselli death: what happened?

    Can't believe this. Unreal. I hope every team boxcotts Mexico and that country goes further down the sewer.... though that's probably not possible. The reality is that race never even should have happened- I read what the organizers said about boobytraps, etc SCREW THAT!
  7. urnuts

    Deleted topic

    I'm in NH. PM me and maybe I can help. or jdevens@earthlink.net
  8. urnuts

    Did i get ripped off?

    Very true. Sometimes I drop my bike off at the shop with an added 20lbs of mud/dirt/leaves/branches! I only do that for logistical reasons and always say "Wash it and charge me!" (while apologizing) I don't expect that for nothing! That price does not seem out of line- certainly with shipping.
  9. Can anybody help me out with the headlight wiring for an '80 PE400? There are 3 wires coming from the socket, but the harness wires have me all confused, and there are some odd connectors in there- almost a connector that splits from one wire to two. Any help appreciated. Will take some pics and get them posted.
  10. urnuts

    Lowering A 2012 KLX 150

    Have you considered just shaving the seat?
  11. urnuts

    Heating problem.............

    I put a fan in mine.
  12. urnuts

    KLX 140 to 140L Big Wheel

    Just want something to putt around with on my small acreage- it's all woods. Have a KLX450r, KTM 320XCF-w and KDX200 so not looking to ride, just putt around in the woods around my house, maybe make a few trails to use with the other bikes- mess around if I have an hour before work, etc. Anyway- I'm 210lbs, Will the 140L even haul me...... as a little play-bike? Again- no hills, nothing crazy. Duh... sorry guys- this was supossed to be a new thread!
  13. urnuts

    2005 DRZ125 & 1987 DR125

    Every little bit helps.... Thanks!
  14. urnuts

    2005 DRZ125 & 1987 DR125

    I'll try to PM you. 603-801-1819 Did see the bike and it was pretty beat (to me) and not really worth the $1100 But, I see lots of DRZ/KLX 125's but not many of the "L" models and I'm certainly not dropping $3000 on a new one. Is it simply wheels or are there other components? I did note that my DR125 -on CL right now (Milford)- has a disc in the front where the DRZ I saw this morning did not. Appreciate the offer- what are the odds..... NH! Still amazed that Factory Connection is in Barrington- the one time NH has paid off for me!!
  15. urnuts

    2005 DRZ125 & 1987 DR125

    Appreciate the reply, Did see the DRZ this am- yikes... thats a small, little thing with tiny wheels. I think the "125" still throws me. Back in the day, a 125 was a real bike. That thing has a pretty big engine. but is pretty gutless- seems more like an old 80 to me!