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  1. k5kell

    Teanaway CF Use Survey

    I don't think this is a WOHVA survey, this looks like it's by the DNR.
  2. k5kell

    Teanaway CF Use Survey

    Not sure if this is a repost but for those that ride the Teanaway it would be good to put in your opinions as well as just let them know how much usage is by the OHV community. Survey link at: http://www.dnr.wa.gov/Teanaway
  3. k5kell

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    How far did you have to go to find snow already!?Nevermind, I just saw the title on the video... Looks like I need to hurry up getting my kit on!
  4. Just a heads up for any interested people that had not heard about this. I believe there is only limited moto trail mileage in this area but those miles are the access points for many other trails.
  5. I guess it's kind of a long shot here but are trail bikes or OHVs allowed on the back roads throughout this area to connect all the trails? I can't find any details on the "table mountain management area" that's listed on the cle elum ohv map. Thanks! Kell
  6. k5kell

    NW New Bike Thread

    Very cool, good to see they are still making the 300 even better!
  7. k5kell

    NW New Bike Thread

    With so much 300 seat time I gotta know how much vibrations reduction do you notice from the addition of the counter balancer shaft?
  8. k5kell

    The Teanaway is no BS!

    When are you ready to hit it up?
  9. k5kell

    Non-Resident Pay-to-Play in Idaho?

    I don't know how you would get a WA OHV tag. They have really messed this one up when compared to how easy it is in ID or OR. The bike needs to be registered, similar to a car, just to ride off-road.
  10. k5kell

    The Teanaway is no BS!

    These trails are on my bucket list to explore, if anyones headed out there and doesn't want to ride alone let me know! I'm free all week these days too.
  11. k5kell

    Greenwater, bikers, snow machiners, jeepers, hunters

    Agreed, but I'm guessing some of those spurs go to lookouts or non-maintained trailheads. Without knowing the area I'm not of much use to the FS in planning which roads to save vs gate. I did make sure to pass along my opinion on "decommissioning" 50' long spur roads though!
  12. k5kell

    Greenwater, bikers, snow machiners, jeepers, hunters

    That is the new proposal, pretty much gates the mass majority of the roads. Anyone have a list of the main roads that are the priority to keep open? They are looking for details on which ones are the main routes or higher priority. Kell
  13. k5kell

    The Nature Conservancy

    Was there any mention of changes to over-the-snow use (snowmobile/snowbike) of these areas? I am assuming it will not be affected but just curious if it was specifically addressed. Thanks to those that made the meeting. Kell
  14. k5kell

    The Nature Conservancy

    Was this from today's WOHVA meeting?
  15. Orangeyz was carrying his new saw to try out, but yeah that was us on the ktm 2-strokes. Kell