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  1. Bandit9

    WR 450 Jet sizes

    For sure JD over Dyno.
  2. Bandit9

    My WR450 25 pound trim off...

    Not to mention that would mean owning a KTM....
  3. Bandit9

    My WR450 25 pound trim off...

    It would never have the stability, powerband, FI, nor the fuel mileage of the WR450.
  4. Bandit9

    Gas Gas 4 strokes - Where to find info/reviews

    Just put a Thumper Racing or Athena kit on the YZ250F and be done with it.
  5. Bandit9

    My WR450 25 pound trim off...

    600 for a seat is just stupid.
  6. Bandit9

    Cory Buttrick?

    Cool. Good for Corey. I like him and hope he can get on the podium.
  7. Bandit9

    2012-2014 wr450 with graphics. any pics?

    Man you got some stuff piled on that bike!
  8. Probably won't mess with the 09 anymore. It is cleaned up to sell. So more than likely any future talk of mods will be for the new FI WR.
  9. Clutch is the same on both, so for either one.
  10. Try it, it is your turn....
  11. Hell, just as soon do the Core EXP for that much. If that is the cost, then I will just stick to my 3 250F springs set up until something burns up. I was really happy with the way that worked. For just $20 too!
  12. Bandit9

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    My 2012 Gas Gas XC300R
  13. Bandit9

    Best pipe for WR450

    2012-2014 is same bike, so same pipe fits all.
  14. Sounds expensive when you say it like that.....I was hoping for just a spring swap.....