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    motorcycles, I like to ride mx,dirt track, hillclimb, trail ride , street etc. , barbeque, chess, et
  1. Pit_Man

    Congrats Jared !

    Good job Jared Mees. Will he ever beat Henry Wiles at the Peoria TT ?
  2. Pit_Man

    How to watch - Supercross

    It is satellite direct tv. Can't guarantee we'll be able to watch the race as clear as regular satellite, but should get it on the Fox sports channels. I have it now and have been able to watch races in the past. It can be a pain sometimes, due to channels not coming in and spam trying to load. I just deal with it and it's better than nothing.
  3. Pit_Man

    HELP 1986 kdx 200 kick start gear problem

    If you put in a new ratchet, spur, and spring, it will fix the problem, Expensive. When I pulled the cover off the return spring was still in place and wasn't related to this issue. During reassembly however, it would try to free itself from the hole that the tang fits into. Make sure to push it in as far as possible and try not to be too forcefull when putting the cover on. You will hear it if it does pop out. Your kick starter will also not return as well. I had become rather tired of pulling this cover off and making repairs so I opted to replace the spur (ratchet?) and starter gears (expensive) as well as the small spring that creates the tension for the kickstarter assembly. There is some evidence saying that replacing the spring will cure the issue, others have said the gears must be replaced as well. Use your discretion. Another interesting note. When comparing my kickstarter assembly to the parts schematic, I discovered it was missing one of the thin washers. Not sure if this had occuered when assembled by Kawasaki or if a previous owner had been in there before. At any rate, this may have caused the assembly to not have proper spring tension and develope the resulting slippage. Ordered that washer as well. After reassembly, it hasn't slipped once regardless of what type of oil I run.
  4. Pit_Man

    Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift

    I used one of these lifts and they are good about halfway up, all the way and they get unstable if your bike is off center too much.
  5. Not showing near me , but will definitely check it out when it does come here.
  6. Pit_Man

    Red Bull Romaniacs on TV Sunday 10/19/14

    Just watched it today. Great riders.
  7. Pit_Man

    KTM 200

  8. Pit_Man

    MXoN - best place to watch?

    Yes- 1 x Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations 27 & 28 September 2014Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations 2014 19,99 €19.99 Euro = 25.3555159 United States Dollar
  9. Pit_Man

    TTR230 Won't start - HELP!

    Congrats on finding the problem.
  10. Pit_Man

    TTR230 Won't start - HELP!

    Maybe the new pilot will help.I know they clog easily and changing tem is the best fix. I'm not sure if the needle has any groove. Never messed with mine.
  11. Pit_Man

    TTR230 Won't start - HELP!

    Sitting for that long the fuel varnished in the carb. Probably have to clean it again and get all the debris that broke loose in the first cleaning. Check the petcock and make sure gas is coming through it.
  12. Pit_Man

    Jetting for a 230!

  13. Pit_Man

    First Hare Scramble Story

    Old picture from 2012, my first scramble in 10 years in Lockwood ,Mo. , 7th place in the +40 class. I thought I was prepared , but those darn softball sized rocks were everywhere and throwing the big KLX 450 around was more than I bargained for. I wondered why they were all on KDX 200s and no easy to ride 450s. I had the skill level to hang with the fastest guy in my class , but not the stamina. I did crash once when I looked back to see where the guy behind me was and clipped a sapling with my right handguard. The race was fun , but not my thing anymore. Now I just trail ride on my TTR 230.
  14. Pit_Man

    Yz125 Parts! which years work?

  15. Pit_Man

    ttr 230 upper triple clamp or crown handle

    Steering Stem Bearing Kits Description: Part Number: PWSSK-Y08-000 For Models:2005 - 2013 Yamaha TTR 230, 1984 Yamaha XT 250, 1985 - 2000 Yamaha XT 350, 1984 - 1995 Yamaha XT 600, 1984 - 1986 Yamaha YZ 125, 1983 - 1987 Yamaha YZ 250, 1983 - 1990 Yamaha YZ 490 Try a search on all these bikes to find an interchangeable triple clamp set-