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  1. Shannon DR650

    Toasted Motor

    I am selling off all the parts from my Z. She let me get a YFZ450. I won my first race on it too. It's alot different than the Z though. Alot stiffer and more twitchy. But I'll get the hang of it.
  2. Shannon DR650

    Yamaha New to me 06 YFZ450

    Well I broke down and bought an 06 YFZ 450 to race on. I finally made the switch from Suzuki. The YFZ so far has been a good machine. I race in the desert and other than the thumb throttle being a little stiff and at high speeds the bike is a bit twitchy it's a good bike. All of which are minor problems and can easliy be fixxed. Also I won my first race on it keeping the points for the season in my favor.
  3. Shannon DR650

    Toasted Motor

    The entire engine had 49.8 hours on them. Stock replacement. I am now looking at another stock Z and then thowing all of my stuff on it for now.
  4. Shannon DR650

    Toasted Motor

    One of the intake valves broke and dropped into the cyl. I was putting around at a ATV safety course too. I was in second gear just idling around. I wish that I could get a new quad but I made a deal with the wife. At the end of this season I can get a new one. I'll be going with the Can Am this time. I have to get the Z up and running by the 21st for my next race. I am looking at about 1600 to fix the Z. I allready have a new head so it's just the lower end I need.
  5. Shannon DR650

    Suzuki Toasted Motor

    My LTZ stroker motor droped a vlave yesterday and took out the head, cylinder, and conecting rod. Have any of you ahd experience with Tudorsperformance or ICE CUBE stroiker motors. I am planning on buying one of thier kits. Atleast a 470 or bigger since I have to buy a new crank anyway. Thanks.
  6. Shannon DR650

    04 ltz not running at 3/4 to wide open NEED HELP BADLY

    It's a 72. My head was ported and polished. I am running a 449 stroker kit. Titanium valves. and a true 13.1:1 compresion. The eng was dyno tuned and the jetting set when it was tuned to eliminate any flat spots. I questioned it too, but it works so I'm not about to mess with it.
  7. Shannon DR650

    Jetting made simple?

    I asked about the dial a jet a few times on this site in differing forums and got the same responce. It works good for constantly changing altitudes. I haven't gotten one yet but am going to put one on my Z soon. As soon as I fix the hard starting.
  8. Shannon DR650

    Painting stock wheels???????

    I painted mine with the Krylon plastic paint. I used the gloss black and then did a freinds too. They have both held up very well. We ride atleast 5 times a week in the desert. The plastic paint is very thin so you need to use lots of light coats. But it lasts a long time.
  9. Shannon DR650

    04 ltz not running at 3/4 to wide open NEED HELP BADLY

    I'd go for jetting. I am running a 180 main with the needle in the middle. 72 pilot and leak 50. My eng is close to yours.
  10. Shannon DR650

    ltz 400 spark problem

    Try checking to see if your stator is puttingout power. If it isn't you'll get the same symptoms. Call Ricky Stator and they can tell you how to check it.
  11. Shannon DR650

    $700 Cam Chain!!!!

    Look up ALBAaction.com. Thiers are good. Sorry to hear about your engine. Did they say what all needs to be replaced? If you have the list of messed up stuff you can buy a little at a time. Used is way cheaper than new.
  12. Shannon DR650

    Good all purpose tires for LTZ??

    Also look at the Kenda Klaws. I run them in the desert and to get to where I ride I ride on the street for about 200 yards each way. Thay have lasted me very well.
  13. Shannon DR650

    Just got a 2004 LTZ400

    Change the Cam Chain and adjuster. Other than the above have fun and ride. These quads can be built into serious machines if you want to go that route in the future. Have fun.
  14. Shannon DR650

    Avery good steering stabilizer for the Z400

    I haven't put one on my Z yet but I have one on my warrior. I have been very pleased with it. I'll be putting one on the Z soon though.
  15. Shannon DR650

    03 LTZ400 ACCT need to be replaced?

    I have a new cam chain because the stock on eis junk. Then I put on a cam chain tensioner extension. ALBA sells it for pretty cheap.