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  1. markdav801

    07 YZ450 Works Connection Radiator Braces

    Does the upper part of the shroud (even after trimming) still rest on the cage? I dont recall if the radiator (before the WC cage) rested on the shroud... Not sure if that will melt the shroud, etc. Thanks all!
  2. markdav801

    Question for 06 owners w/ WC radiator cages

    I searched other threads and didnt find the answer either.. Even the upper portion of the RAD Cage hits the upper part of the shroud.. Not too thrilled with that either... What to do..?
  3. markdav801

    My 07 YZ450F

    I agree, sick looking bike!!
  4. markdav801

    Would you sell your two stroke??

    Yah, I did notice that on xgames... weight, snap, etc... All this talk makes me want to ride
  5. markdav801

    Hard Starting 2001 yz250f

    Ya, I posted this same question on a new thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=472825 So Ive decided to keep it. I just thought having an extra bike for "friends" would be cool.. and a 250 could be too much power for newbies... But thats being too generous i guess.. Thanks again!
  6. markdav801

    Would you sell your two stroke??

    See, thats what I keep hearing.. "Dont sell it!!" After much thought, I wont sell it. You guys are right, it starts up on first/ second kick, its fun to ride, altho it wont get ridden as much as the new bike, but one day, I may want to ride it for just for the hell of it... Thanks all!!
  7. markdav801

    Would you sell your two stroke??

    I see your point... If it's anything like computers, I wouldnt want to wait too long... But 2 strokes are basically perfected... hmmm...
  8. markdav801

    Hard Starting 2001 yz250f

    Someone offered me a trade for my 02 yz250 for his 02 yz250f. From what I am reading, I would need to replace the cam with the 03 cams.. Is it really that hard to start? I see instructions on TDC etc, but never tried to start it so I cant imagine what it would feel like...
  9. whats up all I have an 07 yz450f that I absolutely enjoy riding. Previous to that, I was riding a 02 yz250 that was also fun. How many people that have a 4 stroke wish they didnt sell their 2 stroke? I understand the 2 stroke will sit in my garage and probably wont get much attention. But hell, its a great bike and never failed me. If I hear alot of people saying they still have their 2 stroke, then I might as well keep it... I know its not a big of deal but years down the line, when 2 strokes will be faded out (id assume from articles) I dont want to hear, "you shouldve kept your 2 stroke!"
  10. markdav801

    New to suspension tuning

    Thanks all!! Kind of, if your gonna do it, do it right. So heres another question. How does the amount of sag affect handling. If the bike has too little sag, the stiffness of the spring to weight causes the back end to be more choppy and not dig into the turns? Or should I just "search" that question.. Im trying to understand the benefits... Or is it the combination of sag and suspension tuning/ setup that all works together..
  11. markdav801

    New to suspension tuning

    For a newbie, does SAG really make that much of a difference? Or does sag only benefit people that can manuever the bike really well? I understand that I'd rather have my bike setup properly, but just wondering if a novice can tell a difference....
  12. markdav801

    MSR Radiator Guards?

    Thanks!! I will consider them all!
  13. Question for you guys. So I took my bike (yz450 07) to the track to day for the first time. My first mistake was I over shot the double. BUT, what I have never experienced before was when I landed, sometimes a lil more weight on the front tire, but I got some serious front end shake/wabble. I dont get it? I understand I shouldn't OVERSHOOT the jump, but is the front end shake due to suspension? Not sure If I should adjust my dampner on the forks OR is that always the case if you ever overshoot jumps and land on the front tire? Since the bike is only a week old, I have not tuned my suspension just yet... And I am still getting used to the insane torque of a 4stroke (first 4stroke, moving from a 250).
  14. markdav801

    MSR Radiator Guards?

    Can you use these MSR Radiator guards with the stock rad deflectors OR do they get disposed of (07yz450)? Thanks guys!