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  1. CRF888

    St. Louis SX

    1st piece of advise, go to Indy instead
  2. I remember when I could stay with him...........
  3. CRF888

    Sunset Strip

    I'll be there tomorrow night for the first time. The Whiskey is callin my name!!!!
  4. CRF888

    Who wants to

    you GD well better
  5. CRF888

    Who wants to

    well then, you need to come home to Carol Stream next weekend so we can party!
  6. CRF888

    Who wants to

    so your lease is up at the end of the month???
  7. 1. check 2. check 3. check 4. check bought and sold!!!!!
  8. CRF888

    Who wants to

    send MATT packing outta the 'burbs in style???? Village Tavern Wednesday nite!!!!
  9. CRF888

    Moose Offroad

    who is this HOGIE you speak of?
  10. CRF888

    Moose Offroad

    isn't that special???
  11. I got an 08 we could make a deal on
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