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  1. Hey guys, Moto 1 of the Canadian nationals I got 6 laps in and the bike bogged, sputtered and then shut down. Luckily it was down a straight away. I checked the valves, they were perfectly in spec, took out the injector and watched it spray as I kicked the bike over, not sure if that's an accurate test for the fuel system but its all I know how to do right now. It has spark and the plug is gapped properly and looks good. I took out all the electrical connections and blew them out. I saw that last guys post about the kill switch. I removed that entire switch from the plug and it still wouldn't start, but I wasn't sure if there was a safety interlock in there somewhere. It looked like there was a bit of moisture in that kill switch. I blew it out and left it In a warm area. I also ripped off the left crankcase cover to see if the stator was burnt/discolored or anything and it all looks great. Bike has 21 hours on it. I was going to get my buddies spare bike and swap out the kill switch/map selector and if that didn't work the gas tank. I get the trouble code 1 short blink and one long one. or whatever it is that indicated fuel system problem bike is shutting down. But that is the code when the bikes doesn't start so it doesn't tell me anything. I heard you can put 12 volts to a cpl terminals and it will simulate a running bike and the map selector should blink the appropriate code. The bike wont start anymore either it just backfires Any other advise or anything. Other than that, this bike is sooooo good! Amazing motor, handling and suspension! Thank you for your time.
  2. MxPro83

    2016 front fork conversion kit? or and good setting?

    Soften up that low speed compression on the shock, id say in the 14-16 range. Also try 10 on the rebound. Are your forks deflecting at all? On acceleration or deceleration? Harshness can be too stiff or to soft. Keep experimenting. Your probably learning a lot. Just make sure to document what you tried and how it went.
  3. MxPro83

    2016 front fork conversion kit? or and good setting?

    Good advice, swapping too stiff 90% of the time. And considering this shock is stiff. Id open both the low speed and high speed and that will definitely help. Set up that shock before the forks. These air forks are actually really good. I don't care what people say. They have huge potential. I had a pair of spring forks off an older 450 set up by a guy who was at factory KYB and I swapped back and forth and the air fork outperformed them almost everywhere. The air fork did feel a tiny bit looser in the turns but I fixed that with rebound adjustment.
  4. MxPro83

    2016 front fork conversion kit? or and good setting?

    Just curious but stock spring is 5.2nm(5.3kg/mm) and you have a 5.4nm or a 5.4 kg/mm? Either way you went up a rate. The stock shock is stiff and your not that heavy. What other symptoms do you have does it tuck or push? I think your shock is too stiff for you for starters. I have the stock spring on my bike and im 180 lbs and race local pro moto. I would bet if you had the correct spring rate in the back your forks would feel much better. I bet if you check a spring calculator youd be in the 5.0kg/mm or 5.1 range
  5. MxPro83

    2016 KX450F with SFF TAC forks...

    Im a 180lb local midpack pro. I felt like the 185/0/185 Had hardly any bottoming resistance and was dangerous If I overjumped anything. And was way too soft. I went back to 185/14.5/203 and it worked much much better. Another setting that was good was 175/12.5/185.
  6. MxPro83

    2016 KX450F Motor Blow-Up

    This is actually not true. The kawi 450s never had that problem. This problem was on the 250f when a fast pilot rides it like Barcia and they would break around 35-40 hours. And on a 250 f your due for one anyways. Ive had a 13,14,15, 16 kx450 all ridden hard with lots of hours, taken very well care of mind you. But never one problem other than destroying tires, chains, sprockets. These KX450s are excellent bikes!!
  7. MxPro83

    Light on 2016 kx450 coming on?

    It means your bikes fine! haha. If you have a problem a code will be on when the bike is running.
  8. MxPro83

    2016 to 2012 fork swap?

    Your talking about the lower fork tube diameter man. Yes it is now 49mm on the showa tac but the outer tube im pretty sure is the same diameter and will fit the kyb aos forks. Trust me ive done it. And mx317 has as well. If u get an a kit you need different clamps. Vinny friese is running thatvset up in canada this year. 2012 forks on his 16 450
  9. MxPro83

    2016 to 2012 fork swap?

    The forks will fit like for like on your 16 no need to change clamps.
  10. MxPro83

    The 2017 reviews are coming in

    None of us can even ride a 450 to its potential why are you complaining about power? And a little popping is that the end of the world? You could line up to a national on this thing and kill it bone stock. So many complaints about the most petty things. All the bikes are more than competitive. Unless its a flaw thats going to grenade the motor is it that big of a deal
  11. MxPro83

    2016 kx450f clutch whine when hot.

    It doesnt affect anything in the bike. Or lead to any failure, my 16 doesnt do it. But my last few 450s did. I ran motul 300v 15w-50 and it helped in my old bikes.
  12. MxPro83

    2016 kx450f clutch whine when hot.

    Your over reacting man, it isn't even really a big deal. I know your annoyed and its a brand new bike. But you have an amazing bike. My 13 and 14 both did it. The push rod will be a little scarred up on the end that goes into the motor but that's about it. It doesn't hurt anything, take out the pushrod it takes like 10 minutes and get a flat spot machined in it. I posted the pics and stuff in this forum. Piece of cake
  13. MxPro83

    2016 SFF TAC Settings thread

    Stock spring
  14. MxPro83

    Kx450f Suspension Help!

    I think getting the softer rear spring will be a great start. I weighed 180 and I went down a spring rate on my 2015 a it helped a lot. I went to a 5.3kg. I would ride the bike after you get the correct spring and see how you like it. A super stiff rear shock will cause all kind of problems. ALso get yourself the showa Tac app. Its excellent. I have my 2016 450 almost dialed from playing around and trying to remedy certain problems. Its bone stock. Don't be afraid to play around with clickers, pressures and sag. Just record where you started so you can always go back!! Good luck. Start with setting your sag! most guys complain about suspension but don't even start with the basics!! Cheers!
  15. MxPro83

    2016 SFF TAC Settings thread

    Sorry man but this is not spot on at all. Using common knowledge to what I told him I was running before and the showa App. It is wayyy wayyy to soft. I know how the fork works and had a decent set up. Those recommendations were not good advice. and I said I was going to drop pressure, I didt say inner pressure. I actually dropped outer 1 psi and it felt a bit better. That's softer than the standard setting what he recommended.