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  1. ToaDsiX

    Some DIY inspiration..

    WOW! thats incredible!
  2. ToaDsiX

    weak valvesprings on the 150

    lol, That reminds of back in the day building race vw motors. I am interested to see what you come up with here.
  3. ToaDsiX

    weak valvesprings on the 150

    Dan, I agree with you, valve springs are often overlooked. Its good to hear that you are doing great things with this motor. keep up the good work!
  4. ToaDsiX

    Crf150r Flat Tracker

    that thing is sweet! man, you been pushing the cams around here, havent you. keep up the good work!
  5. ToaDsiX

    CRF150 Its just too cool

    Gene, it has a 420 chain. Thats plenty of chain for that bike.
  6. ToaDsiX

    2006 MXdN *Torrent*

    LOL! I dont think he knows he was copying copy protected material.
  7. ToaDsiX

    Ashley Fiolek and the CRF150R video

    saw that already, she is incredible! very inspiring to watch her ride.
  8. ToaDsiX

    I rode it . . . not an adult play.

    socalxr in no where near 200 lbs.
  9. ToaDsiX

    Who's goping to get one?

    phil, im getting one.
  10. ToaDsiX

    What's the top speed?

    there is ALOT more to the motor than that. storke, bore(slipper skirt), cam, exhaust, rod length, more rpm, etc..... the good old days, that track was sweet!
  11. ToaDsiX

    HERE IT IS, SPECS on the 2007 CRF 150 R

    the 420 chain is fine, its plenty strong enough. Bigger chain= less power to the real wheel.
  12. ToaDsiX

    Anyone selling their CR85 Conversion

    Campisi, I will NEVER sell my conversion! I have way to many hours into it to let it go. My first initial reaction was to run out and put down a deposit. I have decided to give it some time and see the how the whole thing pans out. I want to see what the other manufactures or going to come up with. I personally think the bike is freaking awesome, and I want one badly. However, I am going to hang out for a few. My conversion is a blast to ride. It will go to the grave with me toad
  13. ToaDsiX

    Anyone Dissapointed?

    I did.
  14. ToaDsiX

    Do you think it will be green stickered?

    im gonna have to say its going to be red stickered