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  1. WRider995

    New Member Ireland

    Hello James and welcome to TT. Any good single track in county cork? Maternal side from there. -Ryan in Michigan
  2. WRider995

    Xtrainer 2018 Pipe Guard

    Agreed. Riding locale has something to do with the decision too. Here in MI its almost all sand and dents are rare. If u do dent one its usually from logs. With a beefy gnarly on, even more rare. Now if ur riding rock gardens and log pits the added protection is sensible. Adding guards and weight that comes with them might not be a benefit for some riders depending on what and where you ride. But if u ride only drummond island disregard all that. I thought i was across the globe with all those rocks!
  3. WRider995

    Xtrainer 2018 Pipe Guard

    Just buy 2 gnarly’s. 😃The prices of some pipeguards ive seen are STEEP
  4. WRider995

    Xtrainer 2018 Pipe Guard

    Get the gnarly pipe. Its like having a pipeguard. I went down on grapefruit sized rocks. Not a dent. Oh, and you get smooth monster torque and more top end than stock.
  5. Etrailer.com has removable wheel chock for cycles. I put one in my sprinter van bike hauler. Take 2 wing bolts out and its out and wont get in way of any cargo. They sell backer plates for tie down d rings as well. I wouldnt mess with tryin to drill into a tubular trailer frame crossmember. Back in the 90s, we put a rubber or vinyl floor tiles as flooring for a highpoint trailer floor. It was on top of plywood. Then the d rings went in after. Steel backer plates went on underside of ply. You could hose it out occasionally which worked well.
  6. WRider995

    New Kdx hybrid build

    What year is the chassis? looks nice
  7. WRider995

    New 2018 Xtrainer

    What he said. I have stock springs (170 lbs) and its great. I did gnarly, removed pv spacer, airbox lid off. Much more of a monster now. Still super smooth, just more everywhere. These things are billy goats, they climb just about anything. Youll ride it different than a 150, but its a blast in single track. Been thinkin about a 49 tooth in back myself.
  8. Harbor freight heat gun about $14.
  9. Yeah i use maquires polish on the spots where boots rub. It takes it off and they look clean every time. Mothers wheel polish works great on the metal parts. I use a scotch brite pad and simple green on the spots where boots rub an alum frame, a few seconds and it looks like new.
  10. WRider995

    Parts polishing or restoration

    Be a shame to grind dirt n mud all over that stuff!
  11. WRider995

    YZ250 Fuel reserve

    Cool. Great idea and post. What the over/under on distance to reserve? Are you running an odometer?
  12. WRider995

    Cleaning dirt stained engine?

    Simple green with an old toothbrush to scrub is a gentle place to start. And not expensive either. Like kdx garage said, work your way up to harsher coarser methods.
  13. WRider995


    Thats a big if...
  14. WRider995


    throw your darts if you must. My point was that i dont think Plessinger (our mudder and mxdn turd this year) even knows who he lost to. I could be wrong.
  15. WRider995


    Did that help the Belgians?