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  1. sullivs

    CRF 450X Steering badly in corners

    Thank you, I'll do that. Steve
  2. sullivs

    CRF 450X Steering badly in corners

    Hello All, I have an odd question about the lack of cornering performance with my 2005 CRF 450X. I rode a friend's 2007 CRF 450R last summer, and was amazed how well it fit me and how well it ran. I was most impressed with how well it cornered. On an MX track I was able to cut under everyone at will, like it was on rails. I fell in love with it and later sold my WR and purchased a nearly new 2005 450X. I enjoy it immensely on trails, but it really does not corner like my friend's 450R. He has since sold the 450R so I can't do a side-by-side comparison. My 450X is pretty much stock, with all of the suspension settings being put back to the original factory settings. The tires are nearly new. So now I'm on a mission to tune the handling up to match the razor-sharp handling my friend's 450R. Can anyone assist me with what I should be paying attention to, or have anyone experienced something similar? Thanks much, Steve
  3. sullivs

    CR250R Transmission Problem

    If the bike is in second, and you go to first, it will lock up instantly. Like you know that there really is something bad going on. The shift lever clicks into first gear like normal, no odd feeling on it when you shift. When I put it on the centerstand and rotate the rear wheel, you can turn it over in first. So in that situation, it does not feel bad.
  4. sullivs

    CR250R Transmission Problem

    I just purchased a CR250R project bike for a good price, however it has a transmission problem with 1st gear, which I knew about. When first gear is engaged, the engine locks up and dies instantly. Even with the clutch pulled in, it will lock up and die. If I start it and put it in second, and go from there... no problem, it shifts and runs fine. As long as I don't use first gear, everything is OK. I plan to tackle the transmission, and wanted to see if anyone have experienced a similar issue so I can know what to look for. Thanks much, Steve
  5. sullivs

    Paint question

    Thanks for all the cool pics... but not one of you answered my original question. I'm looking for the original dark grey color used on the Yamahas. Anyone know what that is called, or know what the color number is, or where I can find it? Thanks, Steve
  6. sullivs

    Paint question

    Hey Folks, I would like to repaint my engine side covers, which are pretty scratched up from the previous owner. I checked with Color Rite, and even though they have tons of original colors, they don't have any engine colors. Does anyone know what the color number is, or where I can find some of that dark grey paint? I don't seem to get much help from my local dealers. Colors are close at my local hardware store. But I would like to find the original color. Thanks, Steve
  7. You shouldn't have a problem if the holes don't go all the way through. I would wash out the filter thoroughly and re-oil it, and keep using it. Then put a new filter on your shopping list for the near future. It's not an emergency thing, just a sometime in the future thing. If the holes were all the way through it, I would replace it right away. Steve