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  1. I put foil in mine too. I think it makes a big difference.
  2. MtnDR

    DR650 rear fender/tail light

  3. Take it slow and easy and most of all, don't try to keep up with other riders until you're more experienced.
  4. MtnDR

    TKC 80 questions

    I'm about to order front and rear TKC 80s for my DR650 from American Motorcycle Tire. 90/90S-21 130/80T-17 My question is regarding the rear sizing. 130/80T-17 appears to be the closest available to Suzuki's called out 120/90-17, is this OK and what people are running on their DRs? Also, has anyone had any problems with American Motorcycle Tire? http://www.americanmototire.com/ Thanks
  5. MtnDR

    dual sport dot tires

    I ran Continental TKC 80s on my 650 Vstrom and I thought they were great performers. The only place that I never tried them was mud. I like Perelli Scorpions too, great road tire but not as good as the Continentals off road. In my experience, the TKC 80 is one of the more versatile D/S tires available.
  6. MtnDR

    New here lots of questions

    FMF Q2 or Staintune both seem to be popular for the DR. I have the FMF Q2 and have been pleased with it. http://www.kientech.com/DR650ProdList.htm
  7. MtnDR

    Corbin Seat & IMS Tank

    Great looking DR. Are the black side covers black plastic or did you paint them? Another question, are your tires Perelli Scorpions, and if so do you like them? Thanks
  8. MtnDR

    FMF Q2 VS Supertrapp

    I've been watching the plugs and everything looks good. It runs great as well but I'll keep an eye out for signs of problems.
  9. MtnDR

    Corbin Seat & IMS Tank

    Yes, in my opinion it is absolutely worth the investment. I thought the stock seat was so uncomfortable I barely rode the bike until the Corbin arrived. The IMS tank increases range dramatically and is a duel sport "must have". You probably know this but if you go with both items you'll want to order the IMS version of the Corbin, apparently it matters. One last detail, consider the natural tank over a color. Being able to assess remaining fuel with a glance is very convenient. Regarding vibration as mentioned in a previous post, I haven't noticed any increase over stock. The IMS mounts via the two rubber hockey pucks in the front, and two rubber grommeted bolts at the rear. If anything increases vibration I would tend to blame the Corbin for a slight increase in perceived vibration due to it's denser foam. I don't consider it an issue however, especially after adding an Alaska sheepskin to the equation. Here's the picture you asked for.
  10. MtnDR

    New DR650 Jetting & Pipe... Problem?

    I have an FMF Q2 with the following setup and it runs great. Stock needle shimmed with 3 #4 stainless washers Second 5/32 hole drilled in slider. Second hole cut in top of air box, same size as original minus the snorkel. Stock air cleaner. 145 main jet (140 stock). I didn't mess with the high temp silicon and I haven't noticed any evidence of exhaust escaping from the connection. I can touch the FMF right after a ride and don't see any evidence of the rubber under the retention strap melting. Hot air used to pour out of my oil cooler with the stock setup and now it's not as noticeable. The bike is run primarily at around 1,400 to 2000 feet. I think letting too much air into the carb is the source of some heat and lean condition problems.
  11. MtnDR

    FMF Q2 VS Supertrapp

    I just put a FMF Q2 on my DR and I love it. Not too loud and a big increase in performance. I put a supertrapp on a KLR I used to have and removed it the day I installed it. I re-jetted to a 145 main, shimmed the needle with 3 #4 washers, drilled a second 5/32 hole in the slide, backed the idle mixture screw out 2 1/4 turns and cut a second hole in the air box the same size as the first (minus the snorkel). I checked the plugs after 200 miles and they look perfect so I think I got it very close to where it's happy.
  12. MtnDR

    Wolfman Tank Panniers #4103

    I use them on my DR with an IMS tank and they work fine. My knees indent them slightly but unless I pack them with solid items they're comfortable and offer good wind protection. Here is what I use for luggage: Wolfman Explorer tank bag Wolfman tank panniers Dirt Bagz panniers Cortech atv cooler
  13. MtnDR

    Help w/a tank bag...??

    Another vote for Wolfman, there stuff is great. Here is the luggage on my DR from front to back. Wolfman Enduro tank bag Wolfman tank panniers DirtbagZ Ranger panniers Cortech ATV Cooler bag (on the rack)
  14. MtnDR

    Is my DR Lowered?

    Look at the bottom of the shock, there are two threaded holes. If the bolt is in the upper hole it's lowered, bottom hole it's not. You don't need a special tool to adjust the preload, just a large screwdriver you're not fond of and a hammer. Access is on the right side. I have an '06 so I don't know about the torque limiter. I'm sure Jesse will though.
  15. MtnDR

    Tail Bags

    Wolfman products are great, but for a tail bag I got a Cortech ATV cooler bag ($50). It's a cooler if you choose to use it for one and is great for hauling perishables or cold drinks. I use my DR for market runs whenever possible and I put all the perishables in the bag and then fill it with ice. It comes with a silver rain cover that also helps reflect heat in the summer time. It mounts very solidly to the Suzuki rack so I leave it on the bike all the time. If you have no need for these capabilities then I wouldn't hesitate to purchase the Wolfman. Link