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  1. MxDonk

    time to rebuild topend- how to tell??

    Yes and no, I mean if the valve face is cupped no matter the adjustment it will not seal. However, if you find youre slightly leaking from the intake, then yes, go ahead pull the valve cover and check the clearances. Then after you have the correct clearance, leak it down again and confirm.
  2. MxDonk

    08 triple clamps on a 06? Will they fit?

    Providing the stem is the same length, yep.
  3. MxDonk

    Ignition Coil Wire???

    Thats not the coil, the coil is the thing mounted to the frame. That is the spark plug cap. And yes, the wire will pull out of there, just make sure there is actually sufficent amount of wire showing on the inner cable so you have a good contact inside the cap.
  4. MxDonk

    time to rebuild topend- how to tell??

    A compression test will tell you nothing. Do a leak down test, anything above 7% leakage I would start worrying. The good thing is, you can tell where its leaking. If you take your air filter off, listen in the airbox, listen at the exhaust, and also remove the engine timing plugs. If you hear air at the airbox, your intake valves are going, exhuast, your exhuast valves are going, engine plugs, your rings arent sealing.
  5. MxDonk

    hole in side of head???

    If its the one I THINK you're talking about, its the vent for the spark plug hole. If there is oil coming out of it, it means your head cover gasket is leaking around the spark plug hole. Check the cover for flatness and a new gasket should fix it. Also make sure your plug is tight in the head.
  6. MxDonk

    Air Pressure out the crank case breather

    Its just a crank breather. you're fine.
  7. MxDonk

    Should I fix it

    By the sounds of it you need a new Mechanic.
  8. MxDonk

    Put my big mouth in...

    To be completely honest I don't really know if I noticed a difference, because the absolute first thing I did to my bike was remove the screen, but with the screen in, there is definitely a greater restriction. Yes, just oil the filter normal... and I mean the standard twin airs, not the "back fire resistant" ones... I have never had any back fire burns or anything on any of my filters.
  9. MxDonk

    Put my big mouth in...

    I have been removing the screen and running stock/ regular twin airs since 03 with absolutely no issues.
  10. Sure can. There is bolt on the end of it that you can take out, be careful while taking it out because it is under slight load from the spring, and, if you aren't sure how it goes back on pay attention while removing it from the old cam. When you put it back on, use locktite. The way I got it loose was put the cam in a vise using soft jaws.
  11. MxDonk

    Check valves after chain install?

    There is really no reason to check after installing a cam chain... it doesnt change anything in relation to clearances.
  12. MxDonk

    Quick question!!

    To check wheel bearings grab the wheel at the top and bottom, and rock it back and forth feeling for play... Check your steering head bearings as well, the preload on the bearings could just be lacking... if your bars swap back and forth super easy on the stand tighten up the preload on the st. head bearings.
  13. MxDonk

    250f clutch

    Generally the symptoms of a bad clutch is you giving it throttle and not going anywhere... Ensure the cable is of correct adjustment... It may just not be disengaging the pack enough... but worse case scenario... it could be bent or worn transmission dogs or bent or worn shift forks. Is it hopping out of gear at all?
  14. The clearance between head and piston is called squish, and the way You measure it is take some playdough and put it at the front and rear of the piston. Rotate the motor through a complete cycle and then remove the head, scrape the playdough off the piston carefully and then measure the thickness. I really am not sure how you would measure actual valve to piston clearance... but if there is a sufficient amount of squish you will be ok because at tdc the valves are closed.
  15. MxDonk

    kx250f 06 wont kick start but will bump start

    Turn your idle screw in.